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Choosing the right stacking chairs…

It can be difficult determining what type of banquet furniture you should buy. Style, strength, comfort and cost are all factors which play an important role in choosing banquet chairs. Banquet chairs have always been a popular choice for large gatherings such as weddings, awards ceremonies, presentations and conferences, but they are also becoming increasingly popular for use in schools, sports clubs and local buildings, or simply as additional seating for peak times in restaurants and pubs. Depending on what the chairs will be used for, you will need to consider the following when selecting appropriate stacking chairs;


There is a vast range of different style stacking chairs available on the market so how do you know where to start? The shape, size, material and colour needs to be in tune with the space in which they are being used. Banquet chairs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Banquet chairs

The economy standard banquet chair usually consists of a simple design in terms of frame shape and smaller dimensions for maximising space and easy storage-great for if you are tight on space of working to a budget! The Harrow steel stacking chair is a great example of an economy chair as it is a hardwearing and durable chair with compact dimensions, ability to stack and a frame design which allows the chair to be picked up for easy movement and storage. Available in three frame colours and a range of fabrics, the Harrow chair is great if you need a good quality banquet chair on a budget! Simple and compact designs are ideal in spaces where seating for a high volume of people is required, especially when space is tight. These stacking chairs are truly multi-functional and perfect for banquet venues, classrooms, canteens, halls and sports or social clubs!

stacking chairs

Alternatively, you may require a style chair with slightly larger dimensions and a more elegant frame design especially if they are being used for weddings, conferences or other occasions where a more sophisticated look is desired. Choosing an aluminium or wooden frame can also contribute to the overall look as it adds interest and detail to the chair.

The colour of the frame and fabric is also an important factor as the chairs should match the interior décor and accessories to ensure continuity and co-ordination in your venue. Banquet chairs are available in a variety of frame colours so it should be easy to find something that matches your interior. When it comes to upholstery, order samples of the fabric and try them out in the venue prior to ordering so you can be sure the colours work together to create the desired effect.


Because of the volume of people which attend these events or occasions, and the frequency that these types of chairs are in use, they must be designed to withstand heavy and sometimes excessive use. Strength and durability are vital when it comes to picking the perfect banquet chair.

Look for chairs which are tested by FIRA- a world leading furniture technology centre which tests furniture to ensure they meet British contract standards for strength and stability. A robust metal frame is a great choice to ensure the chairs will be tough, durable and survive in a busy contract environment. Trent Furniture offer both steel and aluminium frames are manufactured to the highest standards and have been tested by FIRA.


Banquet chairs should also be fairly light for easy movement and versatility specifically in a venue where the requirements and layout can change on a regular basis. These types of chair often need to be stored away when not in use so are manufactured with legs that allow for stacking on top of one another so a stacking bar built in is useful in order to protect the chairs and increase longevity. Unfortunately, you cannot completely escape the general wear and tear over a long period of time that will occur over a long period of time as a result of continually stacking the chairs. However, chairs which do not offer the stacking bar can result in the seat cushion being misshaped and worn over time.

chair trolley

You should be able to stack banquet chairs between 8-10 high for convenient storage so check with the supplier that this is the case. Most suppliers will also offer trollies for the chairs to make transportation of the chairs stress free and more efficient.

Buckingham stacking chairs


When it comes to banquet seating and the types of occasions this style of seating is used for, guests are often seated for large portions of the day/evening and the success of an event can rest largely on the comfort provided by the chairs. Evidently, choosing a chair which not only looks the part but is comfortable is extremely important.

Check that all foams and fabrics used in chairs are intended for contract use. They must be ‘Crib 5’ and meet all UK safety and fire resistance regulations. Suppliers should be able to provide certificates documenting this and if they can’t then you may want to look elsewhere before purchasing the chairs. At Trent Furniture, we upholster all of our chairs in our Leicester factory using only the highest quality UK manufactured combustion modified foam fillings to ensure lasting quality for years and years to come.

If possible, try out the chair yourself before purchasing them. Have a seat for a while and try to gauge how comfortable your guests/customers will be. A reputable company should have a showroom or sample service available so that you can trial the chair before committing to a bulk order. The sample service we offer at Trent Furniture offers free delivery so you don’t have to worry about expensive courier costs when viewing sample banquet furniture.


Buying chairs doesn’t have to be a stressful experience as long as you know what you are looking for and plan ahead to avoid expensive mistakes. Metal banquet chairs are the most commonly used chairs as they are strong sturdy and cost effective.

harrow stacking chairs gold frame

Consider a steel frame chair if budget is important as these are lily to be the cheapest option. Expect great value for money with steel chairs but don’t compromise on quality, no matter how great the price seems they must be built to last and supplier should be able to provide FIRA certification if they are to be used in a contract environment. At Trent Furniture, we pride ourselves on our unbeatable prices and high quality products. Steel banquet chairs starting at prices as low as £12.40 are available for fast UK delivery.

If you want a more sophisticated and luxury finish, you may want to consider spending a little more and opting for an aluminium frame stacking chair. Often available in gold or silver, these add a touch of elegance and also provide a slightly lighter alternative to steel-great for if they need to be moved around on a regular basis and you don’t plan in using a chair trolley to assist you.

Lastly, consider the purchase of banquet chairs a long term investment. They are assets that if handled and maintained properly will last years and years to come. Providing versatile seating perfect for all occasions, banquet chairs can be used for a wide range of purposes and events. The handy stacking feature means you don’t have to worry about storage and buying them will save you money in the long term on hiring from pricey catering and rental companies.

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