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What is shabby chic furniture?

The main characteristic of shabby chic furniture is that it looks slightly old and well-used.  This style of furniture is often homely looking, whilst still looking clean and stylish.

Where did shabby chic furniture originate from?

Perhaps the most common style of shabby chic furniture is French style shabby chic, which uses a lot of distressed cream or white furniture in a country living style.  This style is widely thought to have been created during the 18th century, during a time known as the Baroque period.

However, the term ‘shabby chic’ didn’t start making it into fashion and interior design magazines in the UK until the early eighties.

Techniques to shabby chic restaurant tables and chairs

Done well, any of the following furniture and decoration techniques can be classed as shabby chic:

  • A mixture of white and exposed wood
  • Distressed wood
  • Pretty floral patterns
  • Ornate designs in furniture and accessories such as lighting and mirrors
  • Pastel colours or multi coloured, mismatched furniture

Buy shabby chic restaurant tables and chairs

To achieve a shabby chic look in your restaurant, a good place to start is with the tables and chairs.

Shabby chic chairs

Something like this Chiavari Stacking Chair is a great example of white, distressed wood.  This sort of style is often used at weddings, as it’s quite romantic looking as well as tastefully worn.

Shabby chic chair Chiavari Stacking Chair

For a simpler style of shabby chic seating which is ideal for a DIY shabby chic project is this Washington Side Chair.  Try distressing the wood yourself using steel wool or sand paper across the edges and corners.

Shabby chic wide bottom chair Washington Side Chair

Shabby chic tables

Almost any wooden table can be made to look shabby chic if you paint it white and distress the wood afterwards.  What also works really well is to have a mixture of white wood and exposed wood, like this Shabby Chic Farmhouse Table.  In true Baroque style, all it needs to looks as though it could have come straight out of a French farm house is some bread and cheese!

Where to buy shabby chic restaurant furniture

Trent Furniture has a huge range of affordable restaurant furniture, which includes chairs, tables, stools, sofas and outdoor furniture for restaurants.  View our restaurant furniture pages to see our huge range of products.

Watching sports, supporting teams and cheering on your country is a sociable thing to do, as it brings people together to enjoy the event, then celebrate or commiserate together.  Where better to do this than at your local pub?

Being prepared to host more patrons than usual is key for sporting events.  You don’t know when the majority of the local football team will decide on your pub for the next big match, or when work colleagues will decide on an after work social to watch the tennis together.

What pubs need for hosting sporting events

Firstly, it goes without saying that pubs will need a television screen and ideally, a really big one.  Around this, there should be plenty of room for people to sit, stand and put down their drinks.  No-one wants a pint spilled over their head when a room full of people celebrate a goal!

What pub furniture is available?

Adding additional pub furniture to your pub can be problematic if you don’t then have somewhere to store the furniture when it’s not needed.  There is the option of renting furniture for large events, but this is often far costlier than buying your own furniture, especially if you host more than a couple of events a year.

At Trent Furniture, we provide high quality pub furniture for pubs all over the UK at great prices.  We find that sports bars and pubs that host sporting events regularly prefer to opt for space saving or stackable bar tables and stools when adding additional furniture to a bar area or outside seating area to accommodate sports events.

Outside pub furniture for sports events

If your sporting event is going to be held outside, or if there is an overflow area, where people can still view the event on a large screen, outside pub furniture can be a godsend.  Here, investing in a decent set of furniture first time round, which is durable and waterproof, is crucial for longevity.

Something like this Monaco Black Wicker Stacking Chair would go great with a table like this Plaza Table – both of which can easily be stored away.

Inside pub furniture for sports events

Additional furniture for inside a pub usually needs to take space into account.  A table like this Double Wood Poseur Table has plenty of space for holding drinks, without taking up too much floor space.  Pair this with a few Tall Shaker Stools and a group of people can easily enjoy a game without spilling their drinks.

Where to buy pub furniture for sports events

Whether you’re looking for stackable pub furniture, durable pub furniture or simply something that is cheaper than regularly renting pub furniture, we have a huge range of options that will help you to host sports events.  For more information, visit our website where we have ranges of pub furniture, bar furniture and event furniture for you to choose from.

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