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If you’re considering sprucing up your hotel with a touch of luxury, what better way than with a Chesterfield sofa!  It can be mixed in with modern interiors for a touch of class and elegance, or added to a traditional room for the finishing touch in sophistication.  Wherever you put a Chesterfield sofa, one thing is for sure - it adds style.

hotel lobby area furniture 

Where do hotels use Chesterfield sofas?

You’ve decided your hotel needs a Chesterfield sofa (great choice!) but in case you’re not sure where it should go to best complement the interior of your hotel, here are some great ideas from UK hotels for Chesterfield sofa inspiration:

Chesterfield sofas for a hotel lobby:

Chesterfield sofas for a hotel lobby 
As with almost everything else in life, first impressions count.  A Chesterfield sofa in a hotel lobby gives an immediate impression of quality and luxury.  Where could be better for someone to wait and take in their surroundings whilst their other half parks the car or gets the room key, than a comfortable, stylish, hard wearing Chesterfield sofa? 

The other benefit of having a Chesterfield sofa in a hotel lobby, rather than a fabric sofa for example, is if people are carrying drinks with them or come into the hotel out of the rain, the material is far less likely to stain or be damaged by liquids.

For style inspiration, a classic example of a Chesterfield sofa being used in a hotel lobby is at the Chesterfield Mayfair in London.  

Chesterfield sofas for a cottage or apartment hotel:

If your hotel offers penthouses, apartments or is even a cottage, having a Chesterfield sofa within the rooms adds a level of grandeur and stylish comfort that no fabric sofa could achieve.  Take the rooms at the Old Chapel House in Barnoldswick, Lancashire as an example.  Mixing modern and traditional styles, the use of Chesterfield sofas creates a character that perfectly complements the attractiveness of its grand country cottage atmosphere.

Chesterfield sofas for hotel bedrooms:

If your hotel has rooms that are large enough for sofas, you have the perfect opportunity to use those rooms as your hotel’s luxury or executive suites.  What better way to convey extravagance than to include a Chesterfield sofa in a hotel room?  It certainly makes a hotel room look more attractive on a booking website.  The rooms at Stoke Park Country Club Spa & Hotel provide an excellent example of how a luxury room is styled  by the inclusion of a Chesterfield sofa.

Chesterfield sofas for hotel event rooms:

With our experience of working with hotels across the UK, we know that luxury hotels prefer furniture that reflects the standard and quality of their hotels.  After all, seminars, weddings and other events regularly held at hotels are often what first brings people to the hotel.  It’s after that first visit that many people decide to book and can turn into guests that return year after year.

Similar to a hotel’s lobby, event rooms are important for setting  the sorts of standards that guests can expect from the rest of the hotel.  Once again, the Chesterfield Mayfair in London shows how adding a Chesterfield sofa (or several) can really improve the opulence in a hotel event room in its library event room.

How much do Chesterfield sofas cost?

You don’t have to be a large luxury hotel to afford a Chesterfield sofa.  Trent Furniture are hotel furniture specialists and sell both two and three seater Chesterfield sofas, which would add a touch of class to any hotel interior, for under £300.  For more information, visit the sofa section on our website.

There are many influencers that decide whether a restaurant will be profitable. Obvious factors include demand for the cuisine, variable costs and marketing efforts. However, one area that is often over looked is the ambience of the restaurant itself.

chic restaurant interior 

Importance of restaurant interiors for business success

Studies have shown that restaurant atmosphere can affect how much/fast customers eat, how much they spend, how long they stay and if they decide to return. If a restaurant creates the right kind of ambience, customers will feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at your restaurant. 

Judgement is made on an establishment’s décor before anything else. The quality and style of the furniture should reflect the price of the restaurant: a high quality design will echo the establishment’s prices. In a restaurant with certain pieces of furniture such as sofas, this suggests a relaxed environment, prompting customers to unwind and stay for longer periods. The following interior design elements are areas which can be altered to change the experience you provide.
chesterfield three seater sofa  

Lighting and music in commercial spaces

Lighting will create the atmosphere for each table. It plays a strong supporting role in creating a brand. Restaurants featuring bright lighting encourage quick eating, just think of fast food establishments. In comparison, restaurants which are softly or dimly lit encourage customers to relax. 

It is also important to match the music with the lighting of the restaurant. A study found that guests who dined in a softly lit environment consumed less food, however they lingered longer, making additional orders. Sound in restaurants also had the same outcome, loud and popular music promoted faster eating whilst slower tempo music helps diners to relax.

 retro music players for restaurant theme

Colour schemes for dining

Colour schemes again need to match your restaurant type. The colour choice can affect the way customers perceive your restaurant. Reds, yellows and other bright colours are commonly used in quick turnover food establishments whereas dark colours are used to create a more intimate, romantic feeling as they make rooms look smaller.

Comfortable eating

Customers’ comfort is vital in improving the diners’ experience. The use of quality tables and chairs help to create comfort but the spacing of the furniture is equally important. Spacing can prompt customers’ decisions, for example a fast turnaround can be created by placing people in the middle of the room. It has been found that this makes people eat quicker. Whilst it is essential to make sure spaces aren’t cramped, there needs to be enough seating available to create a profit. 
Ultimately, each restaurant will have different needs and requirements. In smaller places, the opportunity may be more limited, but it is nearly always possible to alter the ambience of a space with careful manipulation of design elements.

Whatever interior your restaurant is looking to create, Trent Furniture can help. Call us now on 0116 2864 911. 

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