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Knowing how to open a cocktail bar is easier when you take a look at the best cocktail bars in your area as inspiration.

A cocktail bar lounge should be comfortable and inviting, and it's often smart to include some plush armchairs or luxurious leather bar chairs to give the best first impression.

Modern bar furniture works well with all kinds of cocktail bar themes. For example, brown leather stools can form part of a vintage cocktail bar furniture theme even when you buy them brand new.

That way, you get the look and feel of the best cocktail bars, but also the performance and low maintenance of bar furniture that is newly built to a high standard using robust materials and methods.


Seating at the bar

Like most bars, it's normal for good cocktail bars to offer several different types of seating and tables, including some taller tables around the immediate bar area itself.

For example, tall poseur tables offer a sense of height and ensure that there is somewhere for customers to sit where they are close to the bar to place their orders, but without taking up valuable space at the bar itself.

For smaller venues, offering tall cocktail bar stools and poseur tables like this allows you to make the most of the space where larger rectangular tables might feel crowded, as well as transitioning the height down from the bar area to your lounge area for a more aesthetically pleasing look.


Seating in outdoor areas

Many modern cocktail bars double as relaxed cafes and bistros during the daytime. Even if you don't plan to cater to this kind of customer, some outdoor seating could be a good idea in the summer or to clearly define a safe and legal smoking area.

Like the furniture inside your bar, there are several different options for outdoor seating, ranging from metal tables and chairs to composite wood that gives the appearance of timber with extremely hard-wearing, low-maintenance performance.

If you need to bring your outdoor furniture inside overnight for secure storage, consider stacking tables and stacking or folding chairs, all of which can be packed away in minutes at the end of the day with minimal storage space required.


More cocktail bar themes

Choose a cocktail bar theme before you start decorating your space and you can make sure that all of your interior design and bar furniture matches.

That might be a vintage cocktail bar theme as mentioned above, with luxurious paints or wallpaper, brown leather chairs and comfy Chesterfield sofas.

Or you could go more modern with a lighter, brighter colour scheme accented by zoned lighting so you can bring the light levels down later in the evening.

Bar furniture is designed to be versatile so whether you choose leather, wood, metal or furniture with bespoke upholstery options, there's something to suit all tastes when it comes to opening a new cocktail bar that's dressed for success.

Exterior of a cocktail bar showing indoor decor and furniture through the window

For more ideas or if you'd like to discuss a particular cocktail bar theme and the type of furniture you need for it, call Trent Furniture today or contact us via the website.


Coffee shops are some of the most diverse spaces when it comes to customers, serving everyone from families coming in for a bite to eat to commuters getting their morning caffeine fix. While more and more people are getting their coffee to go these days, choosing the right furniture to cater for all of these customers at once can be the key in getting them to not only stay but also come back again, creating a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the high quality of your food and drink.

When furnishing your coffee shop, having different furniture combinations doesn’t need to be limited to just shabby chic styles. Here at Trent Furniture, we have a wide range of options available to ensure every one of your customers’ needs are met while still adhering to your overall style or theme, whether that is sleek and modern or classic and cosy. Utilising over 60 years’ experience selling furniture for cafes, pubs, and restaurants, we’ve put together a simple guide to choosing chairs for your coffee shop that your customers will love.  

Sofas for a relaxing coffee shop atmosphere

Big, comfortable sofas are perfect for customers wishing to spend a long time in your coffee shop, such as those coming to meet up with friends. They are also ideal for families, allowing them to spread out and relax without worrying about getting in the way of other patrons or trying to get young children to sit still in uncomfortable chairs.

Leather or faux leather sofas such as our Chesterfield Two Seater Sofa are great to not only provide comfort for your customers but also have the added benefit of being easier to clean and maintain than fabric alternatives. 

Comfortable coffee shop armchairs

Armchairs and tub chairs are other great options for ensuring your customers are as comfortable as possible, while also offering them more structure than a sofa. These chairs provide brilliant versatility when furnishing your coffee shop, as they can be used alongside both coffee tables for more communal and social seating areas, or standard height tables ideal for customers who are eating, working, or looking for a more intimate atmosphere.

Stools for quick coffee shop stops

Many customers in coffee shops are by themselves, wanting to quickly get a drink or snack on their lunch break or while waiting for a train for example, and for these customers, stools are the perfect seating option. Having stools lined up along a bar gives patrons enough counter space to eat, drink, and work if they wish, without taking up a whole table, and they are also a great space-saving solution for you. By placing these seats along the length of a window, a more pleasant atmosphere is created than if they were against a wall and the illusion of a larger, more open space can be created.

Side chairs

Simple side chairs such as those traditionally used for dining chairs are a brilliant choice for a more formal option, while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Plain wooden chairs work well for more minimalistic approaches, with light wood forming a cool, ‘scandi’ design and darker wood creating a warmer, classic style. This type of chair can also be easily upholstered, bringing added comfort for your customers, and with the option to provide your own fabric when ordering your chair’s here at Trent Furniture, you can make sure they completely match the rest of your décor.

Woman sat outside coffee shop  

Outdoor chairs

Making use of any outdoor space can be key to drawing in customers in the warmer months, or even people wandering past as they walk their dogs. Investing in outdoor furniture that is durable enough to withstand any inclement weather while still offering comfort and usability, such as our Monaco Wicker Stacking Chairs, is something your customers are sure to thank you for with additional sales. By doing this, you can make al fresco dining just as appealing as sitting indoors, instead of it being seen as an unpleasant necessity.


Whatever the chosen style of your coffee shop, we have a wide variety of chairs to suit almost any requirement, offering high quality at an affordable price. All of our café and bistro furniture is contract quality, meaning it adheres to all commercial guidelines and fire safety regulations, as well as being long-wearing and durable enough for daily use. To find out more about our coffee shop furniture or any of our other ranges, get in touch today to speak to a member of our expert team.

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