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The last decade has seen the office space evolve from an often bland environment with identikit work stations to a more dynamic environment that reflects a company’s brand identity and caters for new styles of working. The increasing move towards flexible working, hotdesking and open plan workspaces has brought with it incredible furniture innovations.

Some of these modern furniture innovations to watch out for in 2020 include:

Meeting pods

The traditional meeting room is no longer a must-have in the modern office but employers should still ensure that there is a space that can meet the same needs of staff. Meeting pods provide a flexible solution for gatherings of up to 8 people and thanks to the privacy they provide, can cater from everything from an informal team catch up over coffee to a confidential client meeting.

Solo user work pods

The rise of the open plan office has done wonders for teambuilding and collaboration but sometimes privacy is necessary. Whether an employee needs to make an important phone call or settle down to meet a deadline away from the hustle and bustle of the main office, a solo user work pod is an attractive and functional addition to any office.

High meeting tables

As we become more aware of the health risks associated with sitting for long periods, many emloyers are introducing standing meetings as a way to increase the amount of productive time employees spend away from their desks. Not only is there a health benefit, but studies have shown that standing meetings tend to be shorter and those present more focused. A high meeting table is the perfect acompanyment to standing meetings – offering space for participants to use laptops and notebooks without having to strain.

Sit-stand meeting tables

A great alternative to the static high meeting table, a sit-stand meeting table can be adjusted to meet the needs of both sitting and standing meetings. Whilst standing meetings are fantastic for shorter periods, much longer meetings should be at least partially seated. Sit-stand meeting tables are the perfect option when there is not space for two tables and they work well in either a meeting room or open office environment. When paired with adjustable chairs or stools, individuals can choose whether they would rather sit, perch or stand as they take part in their daily meetings. Choose a table with a smooth electric adjustable function so employees have convenience and flexibility when it comes to reaping the health and productivity benefits of the ability to stand. 

Fast food restaurants and the trend of takeout dining has grown massively in the UK over the past decade. In fact statistics from ONS suggest that the UK saw a 34% increase in fast food outlets from 2010 to 2018 alone. If you run or are opening a fast food restaurant and want some inspiration on the best fast food furniture design trends in 2020, we’ve selected some of the top trends to try out below.

Warmer palettes

Whilst recent years have seen popularity in cool toned decor, 2020 sees a shift towards warmer tones like red, orange and yellow. Grey, black and white bases are shifting towards browns and lighter neutrals to accompany this.

From KFC to Tim Hortons, reds are used throughout hundreds of fast food logos, restaurant furniture and décor schemes and with good reason. Colour theory is something you should always consider when trying new décor or branding for your fast food restaurant as the colours used in your space can have a surprising impact on customer behavior.

Bright reds and yellows can elevate the heart rate and blood pressure of customers which in turn makes them eat and leave more quickly – perfect if your fast food restaurant sees heavy footfall. If you’re looking for bright pops of red in your interior, view our range of retro restaurant furniture complete with red vinyl booths and block colour metal stools.

On the other hand, if you want customers to stay for a leisurely meal at your establishment, deeper shades of reds, oranges and browns will create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Wooden elements

One trend that looks set to stay in fast food furniture and décor is wood. With a growing shift towards more sustainable values, many establishments are shifting towards purchasing wooden furniture in place of pieces crafted from non-degradable materials.

Not only will wooden furniture earn the approval of more eco-conscious diners, it can also be a more cost-effective option. Well-crafted wooden furniture can weather the footfall that fast food restaurants see and will continue to fit in well with changes in décor over the years. Darker wooden pieces work especially well with the rich warm tones that are popular in restaurant design this year.

Wooden elements can extend beyond furniture. Why not consider adding a wooden accent wall, counter fronts and even accessories like lamp stands and planters?

Mix and match furniture

The trend of mix and match furniture has been popular in restaurants, coffee shops and homes for years and it looks like it’s here to stay. If you’d like to give a nod to this ‘eclectic look’ without going the whole hog, one way to incorporate this trend is to opt for chairs within the same colour family or type of wood but in different styles.

Fast food restaurants tend to have a set theme and matching furniture throughout all their outlets, so opting for mix and match can be a way to differentiate from other offerings and provide a more welcoming and homely feel if you are looking to encourage customers to dine in.

View our huge range of restaurant friendly chairs here – all of which can be mixed and matched of course!

Communal dining

This trend has already been adopted by multiple fast food giants. Just walk into any McDonalds and you will likely see large communal tables. Not only can a communal area help you make the most of the space you have available, it can also add a sense of community and increase social interaction in your restaurant.

It is important to note that some people don’t enjoy communal dining, so providing smaller tables alongside this is a great idea rather than diving in head-first to the communal trend.

If you’re looking for fast food restaurant furniture, view our range of chairs, tables, booths and more here.

Cafe culture has seen a huge boom in the UK with research from the British Coffee Association showing that 80% of people visit coffee shops at least once a week, with 16% of us visiting daily! Traditional tearooms are a fantastic alternative to the high street coffee shop, creating a unique space for patrons to catch up, enjoy the ambience and of course savour a great cup of tea! If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate and furnish your tearoom or coffee shop here are our top tips.

1. Choose a theme

Whether you are opting for a traditional vintage tearoom, taking inspiration from Chinese tea houses or opting for a modern vibe, deciding on the theme before you begin decorating is essential. It allows you to begin building up mood boards and creating a general vision for what you would like the space to look like. Deciding on the style will also make it easier to search for specific decor and tea house furniture, for example if you want to follow a rustic country theme identifying that you need to look for farmhouse furniture will streamline your search process. Not only that, it will make it easier to avoid ending up with a mismatched tea house (unless of course you are going for the eclectic look!)

2. Decide on the layout and find the perfect cafe furniture

A layout that allows foot traffic to flow freely whilst enabling patrons to enjoy their drinks in peace is the key to a great tearoom layout. Once you have figured out how much space you have available, the maximum number of customers you want to be able to seat and how you want to arrange your tearoom, you can find the perfect larger furniture pieces to fill it with. It’s also important to consider the wear that your furniture might undergo in a tearoom setting, so purchasing pieces designed to be used in this environment will ensure they stay looking new and feeling sturdy.

3. Decorate the space

Decor makes a huge difference to any cafe establishment, especially tearooms which are known for their eclectic themes and styling. It’s important to bear your chosen theme in mind when choosing your colour palette, patterns and fixtures. For example, vintage style tearooms may feature florals, frills and colourful paintwork or wallpaper. Ensuring your tearoom is lit beautifully is also key to creating a warm and welcoming space so don’t forget to consider this as an important part of the overall decor.

4. Add accessories and final touches

Arguably the most enjoyable part of decorating a tearoom is adding the accessories and finishings that create the unique character and flair that you expect to find in a tearoom. This can include things like artwork on the walls, cushions and of course table decor. When it comes to decorating a tearoom table it's important to add a personal touch without filling the table to the extent that customers have to shuffle plates and cups just to make their meal fit onto the space. Consider a small vase of flowers, single candle or salt, pepper and sugar servers that tie in with the theme you've opted for.

Trent Furniture offers a wide range of tearoom and cafe furniture including solid wood tables and traditional chairs.

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