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Holiday park furniture can become ragged and faded over time. As guests come and go, the usage can certainly take its toll on your furniture. An otherwise beautifully maintained caravan park can be let down by your interiors and give a tired, outdated feel. So what is the best way to combat this? Read on for Trent Furniture’s top tips on how to give your holiday park furniture a fresh and modern finish.


Update your soft seating with a fresh reupholster

The choices are endless when considering reupholstering your chairs. We have a vast range of fabrics in all colours, textures and materials, from vinyl to leather – your holiday park furniture can be as unique or as classic as you desire! Whatever your brand, our expertise can benefit you.

Worried about the everyday wear and tear that will inevitably appear as time goes on? We can help there too! Young children and pets can be messy guests; instead of investing in delicate covers that will involve expert cleaning services to restore, why not take precautions early by choosing durable, easy to clean materials. For bar and restaurant furniture, alcohol spillages and food stains are to be expected, so reupholstered stools can adequately protect your furniture from unsightly stains and fading. Our friendly team of experts are happy to advise you further, so that you can make the most informed decision while never compromising longevity for attractive furniture.


Repair and restore for maximum effect

It’s not only bespoke fabric reupholstering that we specialise in at Trent Furniture – we also have the capacity to finish and respray wooden furniture, undertaken in our custom workshop. Scratches and scuffs are inevitable marks that are left by over-enthusiastic guests over the years. These can distract from the overall aesthetic of the furniture, and can look shabby when left for too long. Instead of buying new and sending perfectly good furniture to landfill, choose the eco-friendly option and revive your current pieces, all at a fair price.


Fast service no matter the order size

Trent Furniture’s expert furniture upholsters can complete as many as 200 chairs a day! Customer satisfaction is our priority, so if your holiday park performance hall or dining room needs a bulk order of furniture transformation, we can accommodate your wishes.

When replacing is the best option

If the frames of your furniture are worn beyond repair, or are simply far too dated to reflect your brand, then the best step is to invest in some high-quality pieces as a replacement. At Trent Furniture, we are leading suppliers in the leisure and hospitality industries, and have years of experience in providing holiday and caravan park furniture to our clients – we have even been exhibitors at the Holiday Park and Resort Show at the NEC arena in Birmingham. Our extensive ranges of holiday park furniture cover all areas of holiday living, from communal area tables and banquet stacking chairs to cosy chairs for static caravan interiors.

If you’re searching for a change that reupholstering won’t satisfy, then trading fixed seating for free-standing options can breathe new life into your holiday park interiors. These can be upholstered with ease by our skilled upholsterers, and can provide even more flexibility for potential layouts of sleeping and living areas.


Whether you’re looking to re-cover a few chairs with material you already have, or you’re choosing an entirely new style for outdated interiors, Trent Furniture are the best port of call. Contact us today for tailored advice on how we can help revitalise your holiday park aesthetics.

The furniture you choose for your restaurant needs to tick a lot of boxes. As well as looking good and providing a comfortable experience for your guests, it also needs to be built to last and be easy to clean and maintain. Here is our guide to selecting the right materials for your furniture.

Practical furniture material solutions

In any restaurant setting, mess and spillages are inevitable. Not only that, your furniture is going to be in near-constant use, so making sure it’s easy to clean is essential. Finding a balance between practicality and comfort is key. If you are furnishing a high-end establishment, you may want to opt for upholstered chairs that are more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. However, if you are furnishing a local fast food restaurant, plastic chairs will be more practical, as they will be used more regularly and by plenty of children, who are prone to making a mess. The Chrome Pyramid American Diner Table is perfect for those wanting an easy-to-clean and durable solution.  

Creating a style statement

The way your furniture looks is also a big consideration and depends on your restaurant’s theme. For a fast food establishment, furniture with a pop of colour looks great and is especially popular with younger customers. Upholstered chairs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in pub and restaurant settings. Trent Furniture’s come in a huge range of colours and materials, so you are sure to find something to fit your restaurant’s personality. The Abbruzzo Faux Leather Chair is a great option for a dining chair as it’s very stylish but also practical; the faux leather makes it both hardwearing and easy to clean. Or for a more rustic feel, you could opt for all wooden furniture.

Room for manoeuvre

You should also think about how your restaurant functions. Do you keep all of your tables and chairs in one layout or do you cater for different events? For example, if you host parties or events where the furniture needs to be repositioned regularly, you may want to choose more lightweight furniture, to allow for your staff to easily move tables and chairs. The Ascot Stacking Chair is a great option that can be moved around and stored and it comes in a great range of frame colours and upholstery options.

Potential materials

Here are a few of the materials to consider for your restaurant:


Wooden furniture is a great option for furnishing a restaurant. It’s strong and durable, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing your tables and chairs after a few years, making it great value for money. Our Rectangular Wellington Table is perfect for pub and restaurant dining; made from solid wood, it comes in a range of sizes and hardwearing Dark Oak, Light Oak and Walnut finishes.

Wooden furniture is also incredibly versatile which makes it easy for you to customise it to fit with your restaurant and the food you serve. You can either leave it as polished wood, or you can upholster it.

Here at Trent Furniture, we offer an upholstery service, so you can not only upholster your new furniture but also your existing furniture. This way you can give your worn chairs a new lease of life, and with a choice of hundreds of contract grade fabrics to choose from, you are sure to find something to fit your needs.


Metal furniture is also a very popular option for restaurants. It’s more durable than many other materials and is particularly resilient to the everyday wear and tear that comes with a restaurant setting. Metal is also very easy to clean, so it is practically childproof. You can also use this type of furniture outdoors, so if your restaurant has outside seating, this is something to consider. Depending on the furniture you select, metal can also be lightweight and easy to move around. Take a look at the Munich Retro Chair, a stylish, modern design crafted using tubular steel and suede.


Plastic furniture is again very durable and hardwearing. Not only that, it’s lightweight and very easy to move and clean. Plastic is also cheaper than many other materials, so it’s a budget-friendly option too. This type of furniture is most popular in fast food restaurants and settings with lots of children such as soft play centres.

Check out the restaurant furniture we offer here at Trent Furniture or get in touch to discuss your furniture needs with one of our experts.  

A good wooden chair has just the right balance of comfort and style, but that balance depends on what the chair needs to be used for. So, how do you choose the perfect chair for your hospitality setting? Read on to find out about the top things you need to consider.

History of the wooden chair

Chairs have been a significant part of history for thousands of years, often symbolising status, for example, thrones and office chairs. For designers and architects, it’s often seen as a rite of passage to design a chair, where aesthetics and comfort are carefully combined. People often connect with objects and forming an attachment to a chair is more common than you might think. A good example of this is your favourite chair at home; it’s likely that you and each of your family members have a go-to seat which feels like your own space and offers a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Wooden chair comfort

The comfort of your wooden chairs should be a top priority when choosing new furniture for your hospitality setting. It’s especially important in a pub or restaurant that your guests feel comfortable enough to fully relax. Not only does this encourage people to come back, but also it means they are likely to spend longer unwinding while buying food and drinks.

Wooden chair durability

The strength and durability of a wooden chair come from both the wood is it created from and how it is built. The harder the hardwood, the more robust the chair will be, but softer hardwoods are typically more comfortable and allow for more details such as carvings. At Trent Furniture we only use contract grade materials, so you know you are getting top quality products that are durable enough for the demands of hospitality. Our Straight Leg Mates Chair is the perfect chair for pubs and restaurants and is sure to withstand heavy use.

Upholstering a wooden chair

Upholstering your wooden chairs can completely transform the way they look and how they feel. You can add comfort by including a cushioned seat, and you can select different fabrics to suit the needs and personality of your space. Here at Trent Furniture, we offer an upholstery service, so you can not only upholster your new furniture but also refresh your tired furniture and give it a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of replacing it with new furniture. With hundreds of contract grade fabrics to choose from, ranging from flatweave to faux leather, you’re sure to find something just right for you. Take a look at our Washington Side Chair and Squareback Side Chair for some great quality chairs which can be upholstered to suit the style of your space.

The different finishes of a wooden chair

The finish of your wooden furniture can also make a huge difference to the look and feel of your space. At Trent furniture, you can choose from ‘Walnut’, ‘Light Oak’ or ‘Dark Oak’ on most of our wooden chairs. These finishes all come with robust lacquering which makes them suitable for the demands of the hospitality environment. So, if you would rather opt for chairs with solid hardwood seats, rather than upholstered, you can be sure that they will last, and you will have the added bonus of easy cleaning.

The Boston Side Chair comes in a range of finishes, and is made of a high-quality European beechwood, coated in a hardwearing lacquer, making it perfect for commercial use. The Straight Leg Captains Chair not only comes in a range of different finishes, but can also be upholstered.

With our huge range of wooden furniture, you are sure to find what you are searching for. If you have any questions about furniture for your hospitality setting or want some help to find the right pieces for your space, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

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