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There are few more quintessentially British traditions than a trip down to the pub. While there were once many local pubs a short walk away from almost anywhere, figures show a decline in the number of pubs, especially in London.

County Hall statistics show that the number of London pubs has fallen by a quarter in the past 15 years. That equates to an unfortunate average of 81 pubs closing every year in the capital!

From the 4,835 pubs in 2001, in 2016 the number of pubs in London fell to 3,615. This trend cannot continue and landlords across the capital will feel reassurance that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has commissioned a project to duck the trend.

Commenting on the figures, Sadiq said: “I am shocked at the rate of closures and we have partnered with CAMRA to ensure we can track the number of pubs open in the capital and redouble our efforts to stem the rate of closures. I’ve made safeguarding and growing the night time economy a key priority and this isn’t possible without a thriving pub scene.”

British culture

It’s fair to say that pubs are a staple of our culture, and most can’t imagine a world without them. Whether it’s for the happy or sad moments, the pub is a calling point for friends, families and maybe even a trip alone.

Mr. Khan explains: “The Great British Pub is at the heart of the capital’s culture. From traditional workingmen’s clubs to cutting-edge micro-breweries, London’s locals are as diverse and eclectic as the people who frequent them.”

It’s not just locals who love a trip to the pub either, statistics show that a trip to the pub is high up on tourist’s list of things to do when visiting London. Over half of international visitors frequent a pub during their stay to get a taste of the culture. Every pub closure is a blow to a local community.

Pub furniture

For pub owners who are struggling to attract visitors, a refurbishing and new décor can be all you need. Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you altered your interior design? A refresh can be great for bringing in new customers.

Yes, tourists enjoy a visit to a pub, but one that hasn’t changed at all since the 70s might not be one of their most favoured. To help, follow our guide to choosing pub furniture.

For more information about the furniture, we have available call us today on 0116 2989 913.

We know that furnishing a new pub, or refurbishing an existing pub is a big task which needs to be completed in as short a time as possible.  The more time that the pub is closed for, the more time people have to discover different pubs that they hadn’t tried before, or to get into the habit of not going at all.

To keep things moving as smoothly as possible when furnishing a pub, we have created pub furniture sets, the benefits of which include:

Guaranteed matching pub furniture items
Guaranteed fit for seating and dining
Reduced price for sets compared to buying each item of furniture individually
Range of styles
Range of finishes to suit your individual pub’s atmosphere and colour schemes

Traditional pub table sets

For a traditional pub, we have pub chairs, stools and tables that are available in a range of wooden finishes and many separate fabric options.

Take our Pub Furniture Package that is currently on sale (saving almost £300).  Included in the price of £1,6990.90 (exc. VAT) are:

40 Napoli chairs
10 Pyramid tables

Modern pub table sets

For a more modern pub interior, specifically for pub dining, we have a Restaurant Furniture Package featuring seating with padded faux leather upholstery in a range of colours.  The chairs and tables also come in a range of wooden finishes, including dark and light oak and walnut.  Included in this package price of £2,4990.90 (exc. VAT) are:

40 pub restaurant chairs
10 pub restaurant tables

Another modern pub furniture dining option, available in a smaller quantity, is the four person Dining Set Package that we have on sale.  This package’s brown leather chairs with light oak table set is available for £267.50 (exc. VAT).  Both the chairs and tables have matching legs and perfectly seat four people.  Included in the package are:

4 pub dining chairs
1 pub dining table


Buying low cost pub tables

As well as our lost cost pub table packages, we also have a large range of individual pub tables and chairs.  To speak to a pub furniture specialist about which pub tables and chairs are the best option for your pub, bar or restaurant areas, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help and will make sure that you get the best possible price for the best furniture for your pub.

To view our full range of pub tables, visit the Trent Furniture website.

Pub tables are a very important part of a pub’s furniture range.  For years, pint after pint will be placed upon a pub table, plate after plate of food will be eaten upon it and elbow upon elbow will lean on it.  For these reasons, it’s important that pub owners buy a table that’s got longevity – there’s no point buying something flimsy or delicate – a pub table needs to be built to last.

At Trent Furniture, we have been supplying pubs with a large range of pub tables that are ideal for everyday use and have a long lifespan, for years.  Below are some of our tips for spotting a good pub table and what to look for when you’re buying a new range of tables for your pub.

Choose a sturdy pub table

Imagine someone slamming their hand down on the table when their rival football team scores a goal, only to send everybody’s pint flying and the table crashing down on their knees.  It just can’t happen in pubs – it would be disastrous (especially if you were to opt for a glass table!).  Similarly, when you’re eating a pub meal, the last thing you want is to be worried about your meal sliding away from you or having flimsy table legs that cause the table to wobble every time you cut into your steak.

Choose a pub table that’s big enough

It’s fine to have a table that only seats two people, but if a couple are at the pub for an intimate meal, make sure that the table is big enough for them to spend plenty of time there, with room for drinks and plates.  On the other hand, if two friends are eating, make sure that it’s not too intimate – it’s a fine line between a romantic meal for two and a couple of guys meeting for a meal before the football.

Something like our Square Cruciform Table is the ideal size for both and will even comfortably seat four people for a bar area.

It’s also worth having a few larger tables that cater for family meals or group drinks.  At least two tables that cater for around six people are ideal for most sizes of pubs, especially as it prevents you pushing lots of two and four seater tables together, which loses the seating for smaller parties who may also be eating when a larger group could just be having drinks.

Choose a pub table that doesn’t stain

Depending on whether your pub tables are used with placemats and good coasters, you may want to opt for either a solid finish or a veneer finish.  Either way, it’s usually best to opt for wood that is hard wearing and durable.

Our Rectangular Wellington Table comes in a choice of hardwearing wooden solid or veneer finishes, in dark and light oak, or walnut.  A durable finish, tested by FIRA (independent Furniture Industry Research Association) also means that as well as being stain resistant, our pub tables withstand the wear and tear associated with daily use.

Choose a pub table that is the right height to eat at

Whether you pair a pub table with bar stools, pub chairs or space saving pub stools, you’ll need to make sure that whatever seating you intend to use measures up with your pub table to leave enough room for your customers to eat without reaching up or leaning over.

Check that a pub table is listed as being of ‘dining height’ and if in doubt, measure the length of the legs of the seating you have and compare them to the length of the legs of the pub table you like.  Our website shows you the height of pub table legs and the weight of each individual pub table, so that you can check this for any table you like, before you invest in a new range.

Advice about buying pub tables

If you’re looking for a place to buy a pub table from, the furniture experts at Trent Furniture will be able to help with any questions you may have regarding any furniture’s suitability and usage. To speak to a pub furniture specialist, give us a call on 0116 2986 866 or email us at

To view our full range of pub tables, visit the Trent Furniture website.

Are you looking to refurbish your pub?  As well as updating old or worn furniture, a refurb can help to change the atmosphere and even the clientele at your pub.  However, refurbishments can be costly in terms of materials, time spent refurbing and profits lost from closing for a period of time.

An alternative to refurbishing your pub

To save time and money, try refurbishing your pub in stages, starting with adding colour.  This could be through decorating, adding in paintings or simple things like updating your coasters or changing the colour of your curtains.

If you’re looking to try something new, which will make an immediate and tangible difference in colour scheme, start by choosing new, colourful pub chairs. 

How to choose a colour for new pub chairs

When picking a colour to highlight in your pub, think about the atmosphere that you want to create.  Do you want people to relax or to come alive when they’re in your pub?  For example, colours like blue, green and purple are calming in comparison to colours like red and orange, which are more invigorating.

Adding colourful pub chairs is a great way to bring in an accent colour – so if the interior of your pub is cream or light yellow, but you want to add in a strong colour to breathe new life into its atmosphere, try something like red to contrast and add an air of high quality to a space.

Add a splash of contrasting colour using pub chairs

Our Abbruzzo chair in red leather is a great example of a strong colour that can add style and personality to pub’s seating or dining area.  We also have stools and other styles of chairs in red which are all ideal for adding an accent colour to a pub.

Add patterned pub chairs to complement existing colours

If you’re happy with the ambience created by your pub’s existing colour scheme but want to add new chairs to complement this without refurbishing your entire pub furniture range, try a patterned chair that can still bring in at least one new colour, but in a softer, more muted way.

Our Rimini Dining Chair in Autumn is a great example of how to do this by using a patterned chair that features contrasting colours.  This chair would look great in a country pub, especially by the fire or in a restaurant area.  Similarly, it would be a great feature add in, to update and modernise other dark wood furniture in a bar seating area.

Add blue pub chairs to create a calming atmosphere

Perhaps the most calming of colours, there have been claims that the colour blue even slows down a person’s metabolism.  Also, a popular corporate colour, blue is associated with loyalty, trust and confidence.

However, blue is a very strong colour, so decorating the whole pub with it could create a cold, dark or even intimidating space.  Adding in accents of blue with something like a row of Tall Napoli Black Frame Stools along the length of a bar can make a tangible change, whilst keeping the atmosphere light and peaceful.

Advice about buying pub chairs

If you’re looking for a place to buy a pub chairs or stools from, the furniture experts at Trent Furniture will be able to help with any questions you may have regarding any furniture’s suitability and usage, including adding accent colours or complementing colour schemes. To speak to a pub furniture specialist, give us a call on 0116 2986 866 or email us at


To view our full range of pub tables, visit the Trent Furniture website.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It does come around quickly, doesn’t it?

On Sunday 18th June, families across the country will be looking for a place to spend time together on Father’s Day. And for pubs, the day is a great opportunity to earn extra profit. 

Pubs represents an age-old fatherly connection, and are often the venue of choice for spending Father’s Day. There’s no reason why the day can’t be one of a pub’s busiest, but it's only achievable if the pub prepares well and gives locals a reason to visit.

So, what ideas are there to attract more visitors?


This goes without saying, right? Well, it should. A selection of cask ales that are properly served will go down well with most dads. For brownie points, remember to have a couple of beers from local breweries. 

You don’t want to eliminate fans of other drinks though, so how about creating a specially designed Father’s Day cocktail, available for one day only?

Outdoor games

Outdoor games can release the competitive spirit engrained in dads. If you have a large outdoor space in your pub you might be tempted to use it by creating dad vs children games.


If the dad is a golf or cricket fan they won’t want to move from the TV. Father’s Day falls on the same day as the US Open and the ICC Champions Trophy finales. If your pub has screens and a license be sure to keep your screens occupied with the sport. Even if it’s just on in the background.


It’d be a shame to waste that sunny weather (finger’s crossed) and nothing says fatherly activity like a barbeque. Burger and a pint deals are a great way of maximising profits. Plus, you’ll have a pub full of dads itching to help do the cooking!

Sunday roast

Perhaps as an alternate option for guests, you could have traditional Sunday roasts. Sunday roasts are always a popular choice and a Sunday roast in a pub. is the epitome of Britishness. 

Outdoor pub furniture

If the sun is shining, families will flock out to beer gardens. This could potentially be one of the first summer events of the year where your outdoor furniture will be tested.

Make sure it has been stored well maintained and has remained in good condition before you find out too late. Trent Furniture has a range of affordable outdoor furniture that is ideal for pub gardens.

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