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As always our foremost aim is to offer our customers the lowest prices for the highest quality products and you can be certain to receive the best value available by choosing from our outdoor furniture selection.

Our outdoor furniture is perfect for a garden or patio area. The <...
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As always our foremost aim is to offer our customers the lowest prices for the highest quality products and you can be certain to receive the best value available by choosing from our outdoor furniture selection.

Our outdoor furniture is perfect for a garden or patio area. The outdoor chair frames are very attractive having polished aluminium round and oval tube construction. Wide oval tube is used to form the armrests and this makes the chair more comfortable for the sitter. All the major of these chairs have a fully welded join which makes the chairs remain strong and rigid in the long term.

Many chairs of this style have riveted joints which wear in time and become loose. To ensure that our aluminium garden chairs are suitable for commercial use we have had the design tested by FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) – FIRA use specially designed machines to reproduce the stresses and wear that chairs will receive in a contract environment and certificate those that are successful. Having this certification gives us the confidence to be sure our chairs will give our customers good service.

We offer these chairs with either aluminium or synthetic teak slats for the seat and backrest or with woven synthetic rattan in green, red, black or natural colour. The synthetic teak is made from recycled products and has the look and grain of real teak. It is increasingly used for boat decking because it is totally waterproof and has a lower cost than real teakwood. It has great resistance to fading in sunlight so can be left our all year round. Our synthetic rattan has very good UV resistance and is fully waterproof too.

If your requirement for garden furniture is seasonal you can store the chairs in a small space when not required because they are fully stackable up to 10 high. This also makes them very convenient if you are lucky enough to have a pavement area that can be used to attract more customers when the warm weather is here.

To complement our aluminium outdoor chairs we have stacking or pedestal aluminium tables. These have the same bright polished finish with decorative stainless steel tops. The tops have excellent water resistance because the stainless steel sheet is post-formed over the sides table board to make a continuous layer that prevents water getting in at the edge of the table top. The pedestal tables are available in round or square styles and the cat aluminium base of the table has an extra shaped cast iron weight bolted below it to give far better stability than other tables of this type.

In order to be sure of the high quality and durability of our tables and chairs we have had certain designs from many of the sections independently tested by The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA). Find out more about CONTRACT QUALITY CERTIFICATION for outdoor furniture and view our certificate.

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What types of outdoor furniture are available?

There is a huge variety of different types of outdoor furniture that will allow you to optimise the comfort and functionality of your outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor chairs, including armchairs, stacking chairs, wicker chairs, and plaza chairs, can be used to cater for large, outdoor events or provide al fresco dining in the summer months. Outdoor stools are ideal for use at outdoor bars or higher tables, particularly within a patio or terrace space.

There are a huge variety of outdoor tables available to meet the needs of everyone from large pubs through to small cafes. 

What is the best furniture for outdoor use in pubs and bars?

The best furniture for outdoor use in pubs and bars is robust, durable, and weather proof – after all, it is likely to be outside in all conditions, even if you don’t utilise it all year round.

For use in the commercial sector, you should also make sure that your outdoor furniture has been tested and approved by FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association).

Of course, that’s not to say that your outdoor furniture should compromise on aesthetic appeal, far from it. There are plenty of colours, finishes, and materials available to meet your needs.

What outdoor furniture lasts longest?

If you want to ensure that you invest in outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time, it’s important that you look for high performance, high quality furniture that has been built to last.

Aluminium outdoor furniture is incredibly resistant to general wear and tear, whilst synthetic teak and rattan are totally waterproof and UV resistant – making them ideal materials for outdoor furniture of all varieties. 

How to choose outdoor furniture?

When choosing outdoor furniture, it’s important to think about how you will use it. For example, do you need to cater for large groups or smaller ones? Or do you need to have the flexibility to accommodate them both? Will you be serving full meals outdoors, or just drinks?

You’ll also need to think about what you want your furniture to look like – are you working with a specific colour scheme or look?

If your outdoor furniture is only used seasonally, look for outdoor chairs and tables that can be stacked and stored easily when they aren’t needed. 

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