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How what, and where we eat has changed immensely over the last 10 years, and technological developments have played a significant role, with home delivery apps enticing a large number of us to stay at home at the weekends and in the evenings. Making your establishment more eye-catching and attractive to the passer-by is a sure-fire way to get them off the sofa and over the threshold.

As specialists in the industry, we know a thing or two about keeping your restaurant looking inviting, and the importance of it looking its best. From refurbishing and upcycling your furniture to changing layouts, we’ve got simple and easy tips to keep your customers happy.

Freshen up your furniture

Innovative designs have flooded our bars and restaurants, from the well-known chains right down to the independent eateries. From eco-friendly to Instagram-ready spaces, the look and feel of your restaurant is now just as important as the food and drink on the tables.

Dining is an experience, regardless of whether it’s just a whistle-stop coffee break, a catch-up lunch with friends or dinner do and finding furniture that reflects the sentiment of your restaurant is really important. Customers are looking for that together feel. You may not realise it but your choice of furniture says a lot about your establishment. It’s not all about looks but on a first glance, if your furniture looks tired, old, and dirty, you could be scaring off potential diners before they have even sat down. Your customers will judge your restaurant on what they can see from the outside. If a deep clean can’t bring it back to life, start looking for some new pieces.

Changing your furniture completely can give your restaurant a new lease of life, and indicate to the customer the different direction your restaurant is taking. Take into consideration the trends of the coming year, which for 2020 include multi-use, eco-friendly furniture. Also, think about your customer base, if you’re targeting families and or large parties of people, booth seating is a popular choice for the added privacy they bring. At Trent, we stock and supply a wide range of contract furniture suitable for use in restaurants, from contemporary chairs to dining tables, you’ll find all you need to upgrade the furniture in your restaurant.

If you’re not looking to invest in new furniture, upcycling your tables and chairs can be a great way to inject new life into the furniture you already own. With just a lick of paint, your tired-looking table can be transformed into something chic and contemporary, making a great addition to your space. See our latest helpful restaurant furniture hints and tips!

Don’t love your layout? Switch it up!

A fresh approach to your layout can help your restaurant to feel brand new, and understanding your clientele is paramount to finding spaces that work for you. Do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or perhaps just one of the three. Are you targeting the busy passer-by in the city or the families venturing out for a meal on a Saturday evening? Whatever your style, finding the layout solution can work wonders. 

Consider the space you have to work with, too many tables can crowd the space and drive customers away from your establishment, whilst too few can give off the dreaded empty feeling. It’s a fine line which all depends on the market you are trying to target and the ambience you are giving off, for example, a quick service restaurant will be designed towards fast eating for a quick table turnover, whilst family-orientated or finer dining eateries will have a shorter turnaround.

Keeping your customers happy is paramount to the success of your restaurant, therefore taking into consideration their needs when refreshing the look of your restaurant is important. For example, optimising each table for guests can be challenging, but avoiding placing guests near the kitchen and bathroom is a good start. The mobility of both your customers and staff is important too, there should be enough space between the tables to avoid an accident as customers are leaving and serving staff are carrying the food!

For more hints and tips to take your restaurant to the top of the menu, head over to our blog posts. If you’d like more information about any of our products, or to chat with one of our friendly customer service team for advice, don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 2986 866. With over 50 years’ industry experience behind us, trust us to help you get it right.

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