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Have you ever walked into a party in a village hall and been underwhelmed by dim yellow lighting, droopy banners and those plastic chairs you used back in school? Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, an annual work party or a charity event, the decorations you use for your banquet hall can make or break of it. And the good news is it really doesn’t take a lot to transform an uninspiring room into a masterpiece.

Step 1 - Choosing a theme

Deciding on a theme and colour scheme should be the first thing you do. It will give you a general idea to follow and make the rest of your decisions much simpler. Whether you go for a simple colour scheme or a more elaborate vintage-inspired look throughout the decorations and tablescaping, the way you decorate the hall should bring the theme to life in as vivid a way as possible.

Step 2- The venue

Selecting an appropriately sized venue for the number of guests expected to attend is vital. A hall which is too small will make the event feel crowded and stuffy, but equally, you don’t want a venue which is too big as it will feel empty and make communication more difficult. You also need to consider the purpose of the event. For a formal event, a larger space will be more suitable but if hosting an event with family and friends, a smaller space would be cosier and more personal.

Step 3 - Tables

Your choice of table should be based on what you want from the event. There are three main types of banqueting table to consider:

Round tables

Round tables are always a good idea; they not only seat more people than rectangular tables, they are also more inclusive and encourage group conversations. You should then select table covers to fit your colour scheme or theme. Depending on the size of the venue, you may prefer to opt for fitted tablecloths, which will create a more streamlined look.

Poseur tables

Poseur tables are a great option to consider, especially when it comes to business or networking events.  These smaller high tables can also be used without seating and provide a spot to place food and drinks whilst chatting. Whilst they don’t provide the surface for a sit-down meal, poseur tables encourage mingling and interaction throughout the room.

Rectangular tables

If you’re serving up a buffet during your event then rectangular tables are a must. They can also be used as a seating option, however they don’t allow for the same level of interaction as round or poseur tables. If you require a head table for your event, for example a wedding party table, rectangular tables are a popular and functional choice.

Whatever option is best for you, Trent Furniture’s selection of banqueting tables will make your selection simple.

Step 4 - Centrepieces

Although it may be tempting to opt for elaborate table centrepieces, it’s important to consider how they will blend in. Although large centrepieces may be attractive, they may end up impeding conversations through guests being unable to see each other and taking up space needed for food and drinks.

A banquet hall with furniture decorated for an event

Step 5 - Place settings

Ensure all of your place settings are the same; random glasses and plates dotted around will make the event feel messy and unorganised. You should select napkins to complement the table coverings to help tie everything together.

Step 6 - Seating

The seating for your event is one of the most important things to consider. It not only needs to fit your theme, but needs to be comfortable as this is where your guests will spend most of their time. How you space the chairs is also crucial. The last thing you want is your guests feeling uncomfortably cramped. Make sure that everyone has plenty of room to get up and move around without bumping into each other!

Trent Furniture’s cost-effective range of banquet furniture will make it easy to find the perfect seating for your event without breaking the budget. If you have any questions about furniture for your banquet hall, get in touch via the contact button below and our team will be happy to help.

From family lunches in the restaurant to evening drinks at the bar and live entertainment, a holiday park clubhouse will often need to cater for a range of activities and dining styles. We’ve put together our top tips and recommendations for furnishing your clubhouse and restaurant.

Defined zones

It’s important to create zones within such a multi-use space to ensure customers have the best experience and are given a clear idea of where to go. This will also create a natural flow of foot traffic, making it easier for staff to serve customers and provide a good experience.

Booth seating

Booths are a fantastic way to make the most of the space along walls whilst creating dedicated zones for groups. They are a great option for restaurant areas and create a fun diner style experience for families. Faux leather booths can also be wiped down quickly and easily – ideal when you are catering for families with little ones!

American Diner Bench for holiday park cafés and restaurants

Our American Diner Bench pictured above can add some fun retro flair to restaurants and clubhouses.

Bar stools and tall tables

You can use bar specific furniture like high stools and poseur tables to separate your bar area from a dining or entertainment space. This will ensure patrons are not queuing close to seated customers or disrupting the flow of guests and servers during busy periods.

The Verona Bar Stool is ideal for traditional and modern bar areas alike.

Plush chairs

If you’ve created an area in your clubhouse for guests to sit back and relax with a hot drink then plush, comfortable chairs are a must. Tub chairs are ideal, especially when paired with a coffee table.

Our Portobello Tub Chair for holiday parks

The Portobello Autumn Tub Chair (above) is our top pick, with its strong hardwood frame offering durability and a tartan fabric providing a cosy clubhouse vibe.

Outdoor options

If your clubhouse or restaurant has outdoor space, make the most of it with outdoor furniture. When it comes to selecting these pieces, you will need to ensure they are weather resistant and easy to store during colder periods when they are not in use. Aluminium and rattan style materials are great options as they can face up to the elements whilst still looking inviting.

The Monaco Natural Wicker Stacking Chair is an ever-popular choice.

Easy to move furniture

Having furniture that is easy to move and store is essential when furnishing a multi-use space such as a holiday park clubhouse. We recommend choosing contract quality furniture which can handle being moved and used daily.

Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs are a great option to have on hand for using as extra seating for performances and just for when larger groups require extra chairs.

Our Ascot Stacking Chair is an ideal option and it comes in a range of colours and finishes for both the frame and upholstery.

Folding tables

From kids’ club craft activities to games nights and brunches, having tables on hand which can be moved around and stored is a must. Opting for banquet style tables means you can seat larger groups – simply pair with an appropriate tablecloth and you’re all set.

Our Banqueting Folding Table is sturdy and durable, but also incredibly easy to fold up and store.

Looking to refurbish your holiday park restaurant and clubhouse? View our full range of holiday park furniture or get in touch with our team via the contact button below and will be very happy to help.

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