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In a word, yes. A Gastropub is a luxury pub, and they are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. Gastropubs offer great food as well as a good range of drinks, usually including high-quality wines and cocktails

What else makes a gastropub different to a normal pub? To start with, the furniture in a gastropub is often different to the more traditional furniture found in a regular pub. Gastropubs are often furnished with high-quality tables and chairs, with a more contemporary feel. This is because furniture plays a key part in the elevated gastropub experience, where guests need to enjoy their surroundings and feel comfortable as they eat. Pubs often have less luxurious furniture, as their main focus is on selling alcohol.

Another difference between these two types of establishments is the menu. Gastropubs usually have an extensive menu that includes top quality food and drinks, whereas pubs typically only serve pub grub and alcohol. So, if you’re looking for a great meal along with your drinks, then a gastropub is the place to go.

Gastropubs bridge the gap between fine dining and classic pubs by offering the same standards of eating as a fine dining restaurant but in a more relaxed and informal environment.

Furnishing a Gastropub 

Furnishing your gastropub appropriately is essential in creating the right atmosphere to match the quality of the food and drink. Although the space may have a relaxed feel, it has to be stylish and comfortable enough for your guests to enjoy a great meal. By choosing high-quality furniture, you can ensure that your guests will have a great experience and look forward to coming back. Make sure to browse through our selection of restaurant furniture for pubs, so you can find the perfect pieces for your establishment. With our help, you can create a luxury pub that your guests will love.

Outdoor Gastropubs 

If your gastropub has an outdoor space, you also need to check out our outdoor furniture. Most people love eating outdoors in summer, so if you have the space, it’s important to get the right furniture in place to accommodate this. Continue the luxury theme with furniture which is great quality but also stylish and in keeping with your brand and atmosphere. You also need to consider the storage and upkeep of this furniture for use outside. We have a fantastic range of stackable outdoor chairs which are great for outdoors as they are hardwearing enough to withstand the elements, but they are also easy to store and put away if you are looking to increase their life expectancy.

A great option is the Plaza Chair. Not only is it stylish, modern and very comfortable, it is also hardwearing, making it a great choice for your garden or patio area. These chairs can withstand the Great British weather as they are water and UV resistant. The Plaza Chair is also stackable which is handy if your chairs need to be stored when not in use.

Investing in great Gastropub furniture 

Opting for great quality is a must to keep your furniture looking clean, tidy and appealing to customers for years to come. By taking the time to choose the right contract furniture for your gastropub, you can create a stylish and durable space that will stand up to the rigours of everyday use. Trent Furniture offers a range of affordable and durable pub and restaurant furniture in a wide selection of styles and finishes. These are all available for you to buy online today, or you can contact our friendly staff for further information and assistance.

Want to know more about creating a great gastropub? Check out this article on What Makes a Top 50 Gastropub.




Hiring wedding furniture is an extremely popular choice for couples looking for a cost-effective option without sacrificing quality and style. So how do you decide what tables and chairs to purchase for hire?

When it comes to a traditional summer wedding, you'll want to make sure that the furniture in the venue matches the style of your customers' big day. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to wedding-worthy furniture that can be adapted for different settings - and it doesn't have to break the bank.

Choosing great quality wedding furniture 

One of the most important factors when it comes to buying wedding furniture for hire is making sure that it is great quality. With heavy use and frequent moving, it’s important to choose contract grade furniture that can be easily stacked. Here at Trent Furniture, all our furniture is made from the highest quality materials and built with strength and durability in mind, so you can be sure that your furniture will last event after event.

Selecting the right wedding tables 

Another big factor you need to consider when selecting your tables is the shape. Depending on your customers' space, guest list and preferences, you will need to have a range of different shapes and sizes to suit. Here are some of the most common choices:

Round wedding tables: 

  • Traditional – round tables are a classic wedding staple, so these are a great choice for a traditional wedding. 
  • Seat more people - round tables can accommodate more guests than rectangular tables.
  • Create intimacy - because of their curved shape, round tables encourage guests to get closer to each other, encouraging conversation and creating a more convivial atmosphere.
  • Look great in photos - round tables always look fantastic in wedding photos!
  • Best for smaller weddings - if the guest list is on the smaller side, round tables are perfect as they seat more guests per table comfortably.

Trent Furniture’s Banqueting Folding Table is a great option as a round wedding table.

Rectangular wedding tables: 

  • Flexible - rectangular tables can be put together to create different table sizes and can be rearranged easily when it’s time to hit the dance floor!
  • Great for the head table - for those wanting a top table, rectangular tables are the best option as they can be easily arranged together to create one large  table that’s visible to all
  • Traditional  - rectangular tables have a more formal look than round tables.

The American Trestle Table is a popular option for events such as weddings and conferences. Its folding leg function is very convenient as it makes it easy to store and transport, not to mention how easy it makes it to store away the tables to make room for dancing.

Outdoor wedding furniture 

Another thing to consider is whether you want to offer outdoor wedding furniture. If the weather allows, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular - and with good reason! There's nothing quite like celebrating under the stars, and with Trent Furniture's range of outdoor furniture and marquee furniture, you can create an amazing outdoor space for your customers and their guests to enjoy.

Selecting the right wedding chairs 

There are a few things your customers will be considering when selecting their wedding chairs.

  • Are they going for a traditional look with wooden chairs, or something more contemporary?
  • Do they want upholstered seats or not?
  • Do they want to use seat covers?
  • How many guests will they need to seat?
  • What is their budget?

It's important that you have the variety to accommodate these considerations.

Here at Trent Furniture, we have a huge range of wedding chairs to choose from, so you're sure to find some great selections.

Our Chiavari Stacking Chair is a popular choice, the elegant and beautifully carved design of this wooden stacking chair is perfect for special occasions and the removable seat pad makes for a versatile stacking chair. The seats can be upholstered in any fabric and additional seat pads can be purchased separately if required. The frame is available in three colours and these chairs can be used with chair covers for weddings and events. However, many customers tend not to feel this is necessary as the chair itself is such a beautiful piece that adds an elegant feel to any room or marquee.

Invest in top quality wedding furniture 

Supplying furniture to match a traditional summer wedding? Look no further than Trent Furniture. No matter what type of wedding, it's important to choose quality furniture that will look great and last. Our furniture is of the highest quality and is designed to withstand heavy use, so you can relax in the knowledge that you are providing your customers with the best there is. We have a range of furniture to suit any style and any budget, browse our range of banqueting furniture.




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