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In a pub setting, spills and stains are inevitable, but what can you do to reduce the damage?

Cleaning beer stains

Removing fresh beer stains

The best thing you can do if someone spills beer on your upholstery is to act fast, and if you can, don’t let it dry! Start by soaking up as much of the liquid as you can with a dry cloth, then sponge the stain with either lukewarm water or club soda, before blotting the stain with a clean dry cloth. You should repeat this process until the beer is removed.

If the stain is stubborn, you can try sponging it with equal parts water and white vinegar or water with a few drops of washing up liquid. You must ensure that the area is fully rinsed afterwards by sponging with lukewarm water.

Once you are happy that the stain is removed, leave the upholstery to dry naturally to prevent any further damage.

Removing old beer stains

Whilst the process for removing old beer stains is similar to that of fresh stains, there are a few extra steps you should take. Start by sponging the stain with cool water to freshen it. You can then sponge the area with the equal parts of white vinegar and water solution, or water with a few drops of washing up liquid. Again, rinse this thoroughly with warm water and blot the area with a clean dry cloth, before leaving it to air dry. If you have an extra stubborn stain, you can sponge it with turpentine and then rinse thoroughly.

Cleaning general stains

Whilst fabric-covered chairs can be the more comfortable option for pub furniture, they are more high maintenance than wooden or faux leather options when it comes to stain removal. However, by adding the following steps to your cleaning schedule, you can identify and deal with stains as they happen and keep your furniture looking great for years to come.

Vacuuming your furniture

Quickly going over your fabric chairs and sofas with a hoover every few days can make a huge difference to your chairs’ lifespans. By doing this you will pick up all of the loose dirt from under and above the surface, plus all of the little bits of debris that are accumulated with regular use.

Quick cleaning

For a quick clean to get rid of light marks and grime, an effective method is taking a damp cloth to gently cleanse the seats. Again, if you do this every couple of days, you can prevent the build-up that may lead to you needing to change your furniture sooner than necessary.

Deeper cleans for your fabrics

For a deeper clean you should invest in a good quality fabric-friendly cleaning product. It’s important that this is only used once or twice a month as you don’t want to wear down the colours of your chairs or start to damage the fabric from too many chemicals. Make sure to leave your chairs to dry naturally so that you don’t risk damaging the upholstery.

When to buy new furniture?

Sometimes the fabric on your chairs is just too far gone to rectify through cleaning and you may need to think about purchasing some new pieces. But how can you make sure you choose the right chairs? The first thing you should think about is getting chairs with contract grade upholstery – whilst you may be able to find some attractive and affordable chairs built for residential settings, they are unlikely to be able to handle the strains of commercial use. Here at Trent Furniture we only use contract grade fabrics, and we have a wide range of over 100 different styles and materials for you to choose from, so you are sure to get durable fabrics that suit your establishment’s style.

For the ultimate low maintenance chairs, you could look at our range of faux leather or wooden chairs. These are some of our most durable materials and can easily be cleaned simply by wiping them down daily.

Re-upholster your old furniture

What about if your chairs are worn down but the frames are still in good condition? Take a look at our re-upholstery service. This is a great option for when your chairs could use a new lease of life, but you don’t want to buy completely new ones. Our skilled team of furniture upholsterers can upholster up to 200 chairs a day, so if you have a large premises, you don’t have to worry about it taking too long to get your furniture back. We can reupholster for many different needs, from indoor to outdoor, from vinyl to leather, and everything in between. We want to make it simple for you, so all you need to do for a quick quote is send us an email with a picture of your chairs, along with the quantity.

Invest in the best pub chairs

Over time, your chairs are likely to experience a lot of use and be cleaned frequently. So, investing in great quality is a must to keep your furniture looking clean, tidy and appealing to customers. Trent Furniture offers a range of affordable and durable pub chairs in a wide selection of styles and finishes. These are all available for you to buy online today, or your can contact our friendly staff for further information and assistance.

Your outdoor furniture has likely endured a lot, from heavy use to the harsh elements, so it might be looking a little worse for wear. But don’t worry, you can whip it back into shape in no time.  

Cleaning and restoring your outdoor furniture

Wooden furniture

Most of your outdoor wooden furniture can stay outdoors all year round, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need looking after. After a winter of little use, you need to start by removing any dust and dirt that has built up. Your furniture may also have become dull from the weather, so you can use a good restorer, which will bring your furniture back to life in no time. Now that your tables and chairs are refreshed, it’s important to protect them from the use to come, by applying some teak oil. This should be done every few months for optimal results.

Metal furniture

Whilst metal furniture is a great option for outdoor drinking and dining in the summer, it can be prone to rusting. Investing in a good quality active corrosion spray is one of the best things you can do for your tables and chairs, especially during the warmer months where there is more heat and humidity, which rust thrives in. If your furniture already has rust, a quick tip to try is pouring some white vinegar over the affected area, leaving it to sit for an hour or so and then simply wipe it away with a cloth.

Plastic furniture

Whilst plastic furniture can be left outdoors, discolouring is common, so you’re better off bringing it indoors when it’s not in use. You can clean this type of furniture with hot soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth. For some extra protection, you can add a layer of clear car wax.

Wicker furniture

Most outdoor wicker furniture can be left outdoors all year round, but don’t forget to bring in your cushions! This type of furniture needs to be treated carefully to avoid damage, so you want to avoid any harsh chemicals. For quick cleaning, dust with a dry brush and gently cleanse with a soft cloth and a non-foaming cleaning product. To get any pesky dirt trapped between the weaves, use a hose or pressure washer, but make sure it’s on a low setting.

Investing in new outdoor furniture

Sometimes your furniture may be just a little too far gone for restoration to bring it back just by cleaning, and you might need to think about replacing it. The most important thing is that you purchase contract grade furniture as domestic garden furniture won’t survive long in a hospitality setting. All of the outdoor furniture we offer here at Trent Furniture is contract grade, so you can be sure that you’re receiving top quality products.

Another thing to consider is storing your furniture indoors when it is not in use – whilst most outdoor furniture can survive outside all year round, it will last longer if it doesn’t have to endure the elements unnecessarily. You can prevent a lot of damage and wear by simply moving your furniture indoors or investing in some good quality covers. If you have the capacity, moving furniture indoors when it’s not in use will prevent damage and reduce the number of repairs needed. Our aluminium outdoor furniture is a great option if this is something you would like to do on a regular or even daily basis, as it is lightweight and easy to move.

With our range of top-quality outdoor furniture, you are sure to find what you are looking for to furnish your outdoor space. But if you have any questions, our team of experts is always on hand for any enquiries, either by phone on 0116 2986 866 or by email at

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