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When you invest in outdoor furniture, you want it to be built to last. Not least because the unpredictable British weather means it's likely to get soaked at some point.

Here's our pick of some of the best long-lasting outdoor furniture, and what makes it perfect for whatever the weather throws at it.

Alma Aluminium Tables

Alma square aluminium outdoor tableAlma Square, Round and Poseur Aluminium Tables are made of weather-resistant metal, including a cast aluminium base and a stainless steel particleboard table top.

They each include a heavy cast iron weight in the base, which lowers the centre of gravity to give more stability to the table during use and in windy conditions.

Finally, adjustable feet on the base allow the table to be levelled on uneven ground - no more folded beer mats required!

Monaco Tall Aluminium Bar Stool

Monaco tall aluminium outdoor bar stoolThe Monaco Tall Aluminium Bar Stool is ideal for outdoor poseur tables and outdoor bar areas.

Its pressed aluminium construction is finished with welded joints, which makes these stools water-resistant - perfect if you don't want to bring them inside during a summer shower.

With a seat height of 79cm, they're perfect for tall tables and counter seating areas, so you can make full use of the outdoor space you have available.

Monaco Stacking Chairs

Monaco wood effect outdoor stacking chair

Monaco Stacking Chairs can be cleared away easily in bad weather or overnight, making them an excellent choice for roadside terraces or front beer gardens that are not fully secure.

They come in a variety of different finishes:

  • Aluminium (which matches the Monaco Bar Stool mentioned above)
  • Wood Effect (pictured, with durable light oak synthetic timber slats)
  • Wicker (in natural, black, red or green colour)

You can combine different finishes and colours for a colourful collection of outdoor seating, while the consistent frame means these stackable outdoor chairs can be piled ten high without having to separate them into their various colours first.

Plaza Chairs and Tables

Plaza outdoor tablePlaza Chairs and Tables have robust construction for hard-wearing use outdoors, and offer a distinctive and different appearance.

The Plaza Table has weather-proof synthetic rattan construction with a sturdy frame made of thick aluminium tubing, and a hardened glass top that is easy to wipe clean.

Mix and match the Plaza Chair and Plaza Armchair for more visual variety, still with the elegant and luxurious black rattan aesthetic and the same weather-resistant credentials as the table.

Capra Tables

Capra round outdoor tableFinally, the Capra Square Table and Capra Round Table work well with wood effect outdoor chairs thanks to their light oak synthetic timber tabletops.

They're water-resistant and UV-resistant, which means they can be used outdoors in sunny conditions without fading.

To give a sense of the quality of the materials used in Capra Tables, the same synthetic timber is used on yacht decks - so they really do offer luxury along with hard-wearing workmanship.

Combine with wood effect outdoor chairs for a natural aesthetic, or opt for some of the aluminium outdoor chairs mentioned above, which will match well with the aluminium frame of both round and square Capra Tables.

Buy All Your Outdoor Furniture Online Today

All of the above examples of long-lasting, durable outdoor furniture are available to buy online now from Trent Furniture's 2020 outdoor furniture range. Or if you need more help choosing the right furniture, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to help.

The virtual pub quiz is one of the biggest success stories to come out of lockdown, with many pubs offering home delivery of beer and wine, and letting regulars dial into the fun via Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms.

It's hard to know what the coming months might bring. With ever-changing social distancing measures in place, you might want to continue virtual pub quizzes for some time, as a way to 'top up' your customer capacity.

Here are a few top tips if you decide to do this, which should help you to run the perfect virtual pub quiz whatever the second half of 2020 brings to the hospitality industry.

Google or no Google?

Policing a virtual pub quiz is nigh on impossible, and players are unlikely to stay off their phones for the duration.

You can plan for this in a few ways though. One option is to try to ask questions that are not easy to search for - you either know it or you don't.

Alternatively, include a 'speed round' where the questions come thick and fast, with no time to search for the answers.

Finally, you can offer multiple choice answers on trickier questions, to encourage players to make an educated guess rather than cheating.

Socially distant prizes

Most people expect there to be a prize for winning a pub quiz, so decide what you think you can offer.

Remember the winners could be quite far away - so having a physical prize could turn into a costly headache if you have to deliver it yourself or pay to ship it to the winner.

Some good options as lockdown eases include gift vouchers and free or discounted meals at your pub, which could help to entice customers back in person when social distancing rules allow it.

Mark your own?

Make sure you have a plan when it comes to marking the quiz. People can get very petty when there are prizes at stake, and it's even harder to check they're telling the truth over a video link.

There are no completely fool-proof solutions here, so just do your best. If you limit your quiz to locals and regulars, you might just decide to trust them.

Again, this is like trying to stop people from using Google - there's only so much you can do. Unfortunately if people want to cheat, they'll usually find a way.

Friends playing a virtual pub quiz

Keep it interesting

Finally, try to mix it up so everyone stays engaged. A long list of questions can start to drag, but you can throw in a picture round, music round and tiebreakers for variety.

Most video calling apps have a screen sharing option, which gives you a handy way to show players the picture round and can even allow you to limit the amount of time they can see it.

Some things will work better than others, and your customers will respond differently too, so learn as you go along.

You might find the virtual pub quiz becomes a regular event even after social distancing is relaxed, as a way to continue home deliveries and add a revenue stream to your pub for the long term.

When you're ready to start hosting pub quizzes inside your pub again, check out our traditional pub quiz guide for landlords to make your night a success, and if you're looking to refurbish your pub, take a look at our guide to the perfect pub refurbishment. If you have any questions about buying pub furniture get in touch, we'll be very happy to help!

The best parts of a static caravan holiday are often not the times inside the caravan, but those spent just outside, soaking up the sun, enjoying some delicious food, and perhaps sharing a few drinks too.

So your choice of outdoor furniture for your static caravan is worth taking some time over, to make sure you get the best tables and chairs for the job.

Luckily, we're here to help, with a round-up of some of our own outdoor chairs and tables that we think will look great alongside your static caravan during your next staycation.

Outdoor tables for static caravan holidays

Our Alma Tables and Capra Tables are both good options to use as outdoor tables for static caravan holidays.

They're both popular choices for outdoor areas outside bistros, bars and cafes, so you know you're getting good quality no matter which you opt for.

Alma Square Tables and Alma Round Tables have a sturdy aluminium base, weighed down with cast iron for stability, and a durable stainless steel particleboard top.

Capra Square Tables and Capra Round Tables have a synthetic timber top instead, made with the same material used on luxury yacht decking.

We think both look fantastic, and we know they make excellent outdoor furniture - so you just need to choose between square or round, aluminium or wood effect?

Outdoor chairs for static caravans

Once you've got a table to sit at, you'll need some outdoor chairs to sit on, and we've got plenty to choose from again.

Monaco Stacking Chairs are a great place to start, as they're available in wood effect, aluminium, and with wicker seats in natural, black, red and green colours.

That means you can match your outdoor chairs to the colour of your caravan, or the materials used in your table - or just choose the colour you like best.

Monaco Stacking Chairs can stack up to ten high, so they're convenient to pack away on to a single chair footprint, ideal if you're short of storage space at your static caravan.

This also means you can have some spares, to bring out if you have guests who are staying elsewhere on the caravan park and come to visit your van.

Need some help?

You can find more outdoor furniture on our website, including outdoor poseur tables and bar stools, if you prefer something slightly taller than standard height.

Or take a look at our Plaza Armchair, whose sturdy construction with arms gives you something to push against when standing up, if you need it.

If you'd like to ask us anything that isn't already answered in the product descriptions on each page, please get in touch - we're always happy to hear from our customers.

You can email or fill in the form on our Contact Us page for a quick response from a member of our team.

Alternatively, call us on 01162 864911 or 01162 867291 during opening hours and we can talk through some of the best tables and chairs to put outside your static caravan during your next visit.


We all know the struggle of trying to decide which furniture fits best in your space outside. Every garden has furniture which will work – and other pieces which won’t. This can depend on the aesthetic style your garden already has, or how you like to use your garden.

As we head into a socially-distanced summer, we are spending more and more time in our gardens – which means getting the right garden furniture for your garden is crucial. That’s why we have made a simple guide to help you pick the right furniture for your outdoor space.

Garden furniture sets

First and foremost you need to think how you use your garden – do you like to have lots of meals al fresco? Do you love to host many a garden party, or do you like to relax in your garden and treat it as a place you can escape to by yourself?

If you love to have people round, and eat outside often, then getting a garden set is a great idea. Essentially if you need a table outside, then a garden set is your best bet. Matching furniture is a great way to elevate the style of your garden, and when furniture matches instead of many different clashing styles – the space looks less cluttered.

Flexible garden furniture

If you love to host those big BBQ get-togethers then flexible garden furniture is a must-have. Stackable garden furniture is really easy to move and store. So you can quickly set the chairs up around a table or all over the garden as they are light, and you can squeeze in a considerable number of chairs into a small storage area.

The style of your garden furniture

The style of your garden furniture can make a lot of difference to the overall style of your garden – even if you only have a few chairs.

If you want a sleek, industrial look then opting for metallic garden furniture is a great way to give you this popular style.

However, if you prefer a rustic look, rattan and wicker garden furniture are a fantastic way to make your garden homely yet sophisticated.

You can even combine the two looks and choose garden furniture which combines wood and metal, so you can have the best of both styles!

Whatever style you choose, garden furniture is a great way to make the most out of your outdoor space in a time when going outdoors isn’t the easiest option. Make your garden an extension of your home with a few chairs and maybe a table to really get the most out of your garden.

With over 50 years’ experience, we’re the experts in all things furniture. Whatever the look of your garden furniture, whether you’d like to buy a stacking chair, or a tub chair, a stool or a table, we’re on hand to help you find the right product at the right price. Our friendly customer service team are on hand to answer your queries, so get in touch or give us a call on 0116 2864 911.



As the UK comes out of lockdown, social distancing measures are likely to remain in place for many months to come.

This is especially true in enclosed areas where people from different households meet - such as pubs, bars and restaurants.

We have already seen the two-metre rule reduced to 'one metre plus', which allows individuals to come closer together if other mitigation measures are used.

For bars and pubs, booth seating offers one way to achieve the seemingly impossible goal of bringing people together while keeping them apart.

If you serve American-inspired food like burgers and hot dogs, consider our American Diner Bench as an easy way to create a distinctive visual while adding socially distant seating to your bar.

Why booth seating?

Booth seating automatically achieves some of the requirements of good social distancing in pubs and bars.

For example, it clearly defines seating areas, allowing you to ensure different groups of customers stay more than the minimum distance apart.

It's difficult for customers to move, so there's less risk of people putting themselves where they shouldn't be, but it can be reconfigured by the owner or manager to adjust to any future changes in social distancing rules.

And it's easy to clean - booth seating tends to have large, flat surfaces, so the whole booth can be sanitised after each group of customers leaves, ready for whoever comes next.

Our Berwick Buttoned Back Bench is a great example of this, with a faux leather finish that can be sanitised in seconds and dries quickly.

Booth seating plus

There are additional measures you can take to improve COVID-safety in booths even further.

A physical barrier between booths is one way to do this. It could be an opaque screen, or a clear plastic barrier like those used in banks and supermarkets.

You might choose to provide alcohol hand gel so customers can regularly clean their hands - remember, it's likely you'll need to control how many people can use your toilets at any one time, which reduces the opportunity for people to wash their hands with soap and water.

And you could ask people to avoid facing each other directly over the table. Booth seating already does this well between different groups, as it's naturally inward facing.

Free-standing bench seating

Our free-standing bench seating means you can easily define booth seating areas, but reposition benches as necessary when social distancing rules change.

This is also ideal if you take group bookings, as individuals from the same household (or support bubble) can sit closer together than those from different homes.

In addition to our American Diner Bench seating mentioned above, we also have American Diner Two-Seater Chairs in traditional red and cream faux leather, or in black and white.

Having some of these on-hand is a great idea as they're a little easier to move, so your booth layout is even more flexible and ready to adapt to different bookings without putting social distancing at risk during other opening times.

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