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Discover the secrets of timeless furniture pieces, and why it is customers love them so much.

A good piece of pub, restaurant or hotel furniture will stand the test of time, with customers returning to sit in their favourite chair time after time.

Think of Martin's armchair in Frasier - which was the central plot point in entire episodes - or the Central Perk sofa in Friends, which was permanently reserved for the six stars of the show.

In 2019, the Friends sofa went on tour to mark the 25th anniversary of the show, proving how a much-loved piece of cafe furniture can win hearts and minds.

So how can you attract the affections of your own patrons using furniture? Here are five examples of cafe, hotel, restaurant and pub furniture that's sure to keep customers coming back for more.

1. The Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

With its buttoned upholstery and deep, straight sides, the Chesterfield Sofa is among the most iconic furniture designs of all time.

It's available in a selection of sizes:

Use them together to cater for odd-sized groups or put a single Chesterfield Sofa in an alcove or waiting area for instant style and comfort.

2. The Tulip Table

Tulip Table

Eero Saarinen's 1956 collection of furniture, the Tulip Group (also known as the Pedestal Group), introduced an iconic, organic shape that spanned tables, chairs and stools.

All used a single central pedestal as their support, which flared out at the bottom into a wide, stable base - and it is this curved silhouette that defines the Tulip Table to this day.

It's also extremely practical. Tulip Tables don't have legs at their corners or edges, so diners can sit at any position around their circumference. Yet the broad base makes them highly stable.

Options like our Farmhouse Tulip Table in Dark Oak give you all these advantages, in an eco-friendly and timeless hardwood finish that coordinates well with other items.

3. The Shaker Coffee Table

Shaker Coffee Table

Shaker furniture was originally developed by a religious sect, the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, who believed in minimal, well-made designs.

The Shaker Coffee Table is a perfect example, using straight lines and solid, sturdy construction, and is a reliable addition to restaurant and cafe furniture or low comfy seating areas in pubs.

For a consistent collection of pub or restaurant furniture, add ladder-back chairs, which are another hallmark of Shaker furniture design.

4. The Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

The defining feature of a Windsor Chair is that the back consists of vertical slats or rods that are pushed into holes drilled in the seat. The legs may be attached from underneath in the same way.

It's a technique that may be used across a range of different designs, including:

  • Slatback Chairs
  • Fanback Chairs
  • Spindleback Chairs
  • Wheelback Chairs
  • Fiddleback Chairs

These are all generally made of hardwood, or of a modern composite material with a timber-like appearance.

Dark oak is an especially popular finish and will look great among other restaurant, pub and hotel furniture.

5. Console Table

Console Table

Strictly speaking, a Console Table should be fixed to a wall using brackets, but over the years that definition has become fuzzy around the edges.

Nowadays, it's not unusual to see sturdy, self-supporting Console Tables used as versatile additions to hotel, restaurant and pub furniture, even sometimes positioned freestanding away from walls.

A slim Console Table can be a useful item to place behind a sofa - which for obvious reasons is normally known as a Sofa Table - to give customers an extra shelf to place their coats and jackets, or to put their drinks down if there is no table nearby.

If you’re looking to purchase timeless furniture pieces for your venue, contact us today and our team will be happy to help.


When it comes to buying new restaurant furniture, don't forget to invest in the best front of house furniture to make the right first impression on your customers.

Talk about renovating a house and someone will eventually mention kerb appeal - making sure the property is warm and welcoming on first arrival.

Yet people often don't put the same focus on making front of house furniture welcoming for diners from the moment they walk through your door.

At Trent Furniture we believe that from your reception desk and waiting area, through to your bar furniture and dining furniture, is all part of the same positive experience for patrons.

On arrival

Give your guests a clear place to stand while they wait to be seated, especially if there's no maitre d there to serve them immediately.

This not only gives them confidence about whether to wait or try to find a table of their own, it also prevents 'lost' customers from wandering through your dining area.

Of course the COVID-19 outbreak has heightened the risks involved with errant customers, but it's good practice at any time to keep them in the right places on your premises.

You don't need a lot of room to do this. Small front of house furniture can do a lot with a small space, especially when combined with an easily visible 'Please wait to be seated' sign.

While waiting

If a table is not yet ready for a particular diner or group, they will need somewhere to wait, so some kind of seating area is essential.

Many restaurants are likely to have an area set out with bar furniture where diners can order pre-dinner drinks while their table is prepared. This can be a great way to generate drinks sales whilst keeping early guests happy as they wait to be seated.

Options for smaller restaurant spaces

With smaller restaurants, it can feel uncomfortable for seated guests to have waiting patrons stood near their tables, so providing even a small waiting area is a good move.

Poseur tables in a restaurant

Poseur tables

If you're working with limited floor space, you still have some fantastic options. Poseur tables are the tall tables you see in pubs and bars, and can be combined with elegant stools like our tall Napoli stool to give groups somewhere to perch for as long as required.

Adding comfort with sofas and armchairs

If you do have the floor space, consider adding sofas or armchairs to allow patrons to sit back and relax with a drink before their meal.

Chesterfield sofa

Our Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa adds instant style to any seating area with its luxurious faux leather finish. We also have Chesterfield armchairs as well as two-seater and three-seater Chesterfield sofas, and our Berwick Buttoned Back Bench which is like a Chesterfield but without the arms at the ends.

This makes it more compact, for example to fit into an alcove or any space over 120cm wide and demonstrates how small front of house furniture can transform an unused corner into a comfy waiting area for guests on arrival.

Shop our full range of restaurant furniture



As the hospitality industry gets ready for a slightly different festive season than normal this year, it is more important than ever before to ensure that the table tops in your restaurant or pub are properly cleaned and maintained. While before it was the food that would get people talking about your establishment and keep them coming back for more, now it will be the level of hygiene and customer care, so it’s vital that your diners feel as comfortable as possible.

But how do you ensure your surfaces are completely clean without using harmful chemicals that could damage the table top’s protective layer and reduce the lifespan of your furniture? Below are some of our top tips for maintaining your table tops.

Know your material

Some materials are much more hardwearing than others, so different table tops will require different cleaning solutions. Ensuring you know what material your surfaces are made of and what cleaners work best for them specifically will not only guarantee a hygienic environment for your customers but will also prevent any damage or warping.

Veneer table tops – Veneer is a popular alternative to solid wood as it is durable and easy to clean with just a damp cloth and mild anti-bacterial detergent. Avoid using large quantities of liquid and harsh detergents as the moisture and chemicals can affect the protective lacquer.

Laminate table tops – Laminate is one of the most hardwearing table top materials, meaning it can withstand a bit more force when cleaning. While most stains and bacteria will be removed with a cloth and warm soapy water, the scratch-resistant surface of laminate means tougher marks can be scrubbed with a brush and detergent without causing damage. Our American Diner table tops are an ideal laminate solution for restaurants, providing both durability and style!

Solid wood table tops – Solid wood looks and feels expensive and luxurious, but it is slightly harder to maintain than cheaper alternatives. These table tops are highly susceptible to water damage, so using a barely damp cloth with mild soap is recommended. All-purpose cleaning sprays should be avoided as some of the ingredients may be too harsh for the surface.  

Stainless steel table tops – As they are often used for outdoor dining, stainless steel tables are easy and efficient to clean as they are highly water-resistant. Soap and water are therefore all that is needed to keep these table tops clean and hygienic, whether indoors or out.

For more information about our full range of table top materials and their benefits, take a look at our comprehensive table top guide.

Use a purpose-made cleaner

There are many highly effective detergents and cleaners on the market, and this will include ones created specifically for your table top material. Using one of these purpose-made cleaners means you can rest assured that your customers are safe AND your table tops are protected from damage.

Our relay spray has been formulated specifically for the relaying of tables during service and is suitable for wood, metal and plastic surfaces. Unlike standard cleaners, this spray doesn’t leave any sticky residue or chemical smell, but it does offer high-quality sanitisation.

Don’t forget your chairs

Unlike tables, chairs often don’t come into contact with food or sticky drinks, so it can be tempting to only clean them after the lunch rush and at the end of the day. While this wouldn’t have been a problem previously, now your customers will be expecting you to clean everything that has been touched by previous diners before they are seated.

If you have wooden or plastic-covered chairs, you will likely be able to use the same cleaner as you do for your tables, but if you have leather or fabric chairs it is important to invest in a fabric cleaner to ensure they are properly protected and cleaned.

As specialists in all things furniture, at Trent Furniture we can help you get the most out of your tables, chairs, stools and sofas, from choosing the right furniture for your needs to advising on how to maintain it for a long lifespan. With choices available for any style and budget, and contract furniture that meets required fire safety standards, we’re sure to have the solution for your needs. Browse our site or get in touch today.

What is the best furniture for your caravan or mobile home? Robert Price, Managing Director of Trent Furniture, shows the right way to furnish caravans and mobile homes, making the best use of space with comfortable and stylish caravan furniture.  

With many of us choosing to holiday closer to home this year, caravans and mobile homes have become increasingly popular. In fact, more than 2 million people take holidays in caravans and motorhomes every year with this figure only set to rise.

Whether you already have a caravan that you want to spruce up, or you’re looking to buy your dream motorhome, these furnishing tips will help you create a comfy home away from home.

Practical furniture is key

Let’s be realistic, the caravans and motorhomes you find in the UK tend to be on the smaller side. This makes for a delightfully cosy space to spend time with friends and family, but it is something to bear in mind when shopping for furniture. You will need to ensure that it not only fits within the space you have, but also does not make the space feel overcrowded or hard to navigate.

Keep it compact

One of the best ways to ensure your furniture isn’t too bulky for your space is to choose compact items. Where you might normally use a dining chair, a small compact stool that can be pushed under the table when not in use is the ideal replacement. Whilst you can still incorporate pieces like a coffee table in your living area, you may want to opt for a small round or square style instead of the traditional rectangular design.

Folding furniture is your friend

For furniture where full size is necessary, such as dining tables and seating to be used for longer periods, folding furniture is ideal. This can either be fixed in place, to be folded out when needed, or standalone so it can be packed away for journeys. Our Banqueting Folding Table is the perfect choice as the legs fold up completely, and the plywood top offers a lightweight but spacious surface. Pair it with a folding plastic chair and you have the perfect spot to dine, socialise and of course play board games if you get caught in that UK holiday drizzle!

Folding chair for caravansFolding table for caravans

Go lightweight

There are a couple of reasons for keeping your furniture lightweight in a caravan or motorhome. Firstly, you are likely to move it around more – whether it’s storing it when you hit the road, or just making space on a daily basis. Secondly, a caravan is a vehicle after all, so if you do intend to drive it around, having a lot of heavy pieces will only lead to higher fuel consumption.

Choosing compact or folding furniture will help reduce weight, but you can also pick materials which are a little lighter. Try to avoid heavy metal bases and instead opt for thinner legs and where possible a thinner tabletop. You may also find some wood effect pieces weigh less than their solid wood counterparts.

Wicker stacking chair for caravansChoose outdoor-friendly pieces

One of the wonderful things about caravan holidays is that you can spend so much time outdoors! If you have room, a set of stacking or folding chairs is great for sitting out and enjoying the sun (and of course a BBQ!) Our Monaco Natural Wicker Stacking Chair is made from lightweight aluminium and finished with a great looking wicker seat.

If you want more inspiration, check out our guide to outdoor furniture for your static caravan.

On Thursday 5th November, the UK entered another lockdown with restrictions in place to help protect us all against Covid-19.

Our production facility, customer service and sales teams remain fully operational and where possible our office team is working remotely.

We will be remaining open during this time to help support your business in any way we can – it’s business as usual on our end. We have huge stocks of contract furniture in a wide range of styles and finishes ready for delivery. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email or place an order online and we will be delivering as we normally would. Unfortunately, our showroom will be closed for the duration of the lockdown but we look forward to welcoming you back from the 2nd December so please call us to make an appointment.

We also understand that some customers may wish to place an order but delay delivery until a future date so please let us know if this the case and we will hold the stock until you are able to accept delivery.

Our Ongoing Safety Measures

  • We have huge stocks of furniture and are continuing to receive deliveries of products and materials in order to meet demand and maintain standard delivery time frames
  • Our production facility, customer service and sales teams remain fully operational and where possible our office team is working remotely.
  • There are zero confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst Trent Furniture employees
  • We have a dedicated management team who are monitoring the situation and reviewing procedures daily
  • Staff have been instructed not to attend work if they experience any symptoms and/or they have been in contact with any one who has the virus and to follow government guidance on self isolation
  • Within our warehouse and offices, we are adhering to government guidance and operating a 2-metre distance rule between all staff to keep our colleagues and customers safe
  • Hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and face masks are widely available throughout the business and at all work stations
  • Spaces and walkways are clearly taped out to maintain social distancing throughout the premises
  • A strict cleaning regime is in place with regular deep cleaning of communal areas and equipment
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