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So, you’ve decided to do something with your basement. Whether it has been a junkyard for all the items you’ve been hoarding or a completely wasted space, it makes sense to make the most of it. Here’s our top tips for furnishing a basement bar to optimise space and create the perfect place to escape and unwind in your home.

Home basement bar ideas

Modern basement bar

If you want a minimalistic but aesthetically pleasing and functional bar, then you should consider a modern bar. A well lit statement wall or cabinet displaying all your drinks and glasses will stand out and be the focal point of your home bar. Check out our stylish yet comfortable contemporary bar furniture to complement this look.

Rustic basement bar

If you would like a country farmhouse feel to your bar, then a rustic theme might be the one for you. You can create this feel by using exposed brick and woodwork. We have a large range of rustic furniture for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find what you need to furnish your cosy escape

Junkyard basement bar

For a chilled and carefree vibe in your basement bar, why not consider a junkyard theme? You can incorporate all sorts of fun decorations including neon lights and games, ranging from pub classics like darts or pool to old-fashioned arcade games. The opportunities are endless with this theme.

Things to consider


When designing your home bar, you need to consider how much room you have. Once you have figured out the dimensions for your basement bar, you can look for furniture which fits your space and requirements. If the table is going to be the main focus, then a larger table may be appropriate. But if you plan to add in anything such as a pool table or darts area, you need to think about how much room you will need to leave free for this.


As you are going to need all your furniture to be taken downstairs, you not only need to consider the size of space, but the size of your access, whether that’s stairs or a window. Depending on this you may need to opt for folding furniture that can easily be taken through narrow stairways. Check out our range of folding furniture for a great range of easy-to-move options.


Your budget is another important factor to consider when designing your bar. While it might start out as a small project, the little extras all add up. You should create a plan for your costs, starting with the main expenses like lighting, furniture and flooring and then move on to the smaller costs such as decorations. We offer a large range of good quality furniture which won’t break the bank here at Trent Furniture.

If you have any questions about furniture for your basement bar, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

There’s a lot to consider when it’s time to refresh your community centre furniture. Follow our guide to help you decide on the perfect tables and chairs for your needs.


What to look for in furniture for your community centre

Lightweight and versatile  

With plenty of local club and community events taking place in your centre, it’s important to ensure that the furniture you chose is both practical and flexible. First and foremost, your chairs need to be comfortable as they are going to get a lot of use and no one wants to spend any length of time sitting on an uncomfortable chair.  Chairs with built in cushions are a very popular choice for this type of hall. Whatever you decide on, you are sure to find what you need with our range of stacking chairs.

When choosing the chairs for your hall, you again need to think about what they are to be used for. The weight of the chairs is an important consideration, as your furniture will need to be stored away after each use. Lightweight, foldable tables and stackable chairs are a must too. Think about the size of the groups, the activities they may be taking part in and the different configurations the furniture may need to be set up in - for example, theatre style, cafe style, banquet style, committee meetings, etc.

Round tables are a popular option as they seat more people than rectangular tables and encourage group interaction but depending on your space and use of the hall, rectangular tables may be better, particularly as they can be placed together to create bigger tables. At Trent Furniture we have a range of folding tables which are easy to pack away when needed but also good quality and aesthetically pleasing. 

Furniture Aesthetics

Whilst practicality is key, the way your furniture looks is important too. You want to choose furniture which is inviting. Consider who will most often be using the community centre hall; are there a lot of children or do you cater to an older crowd? Whether you go for something neutral or opt for a more colourful scheme to brighten up the place, choosing furniture that creates an inviting atmosphere will be appreciated by everyone who hires your hall.

Quality Furniture

With the amount of use your new furniture is likely to get, the quality of it is a crucial factor to consider. As well as looking good for years to come, it needs to be durable, especially if it is going to be moved around often. Purchasing furniture designed for use in a commercial or community centre setting should mean that the pieces are designed for longevity and frequent use and handling.

If you have any questions about furniture for your community centre or want some help to find the right pieces for your space, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

So, you’ve decided on a winter wedding, but don’t know where to start when it comes to table decoration? We’re here to help. Winter weddings bring an extra sense of magic to the day and the season itself provides plenty of inspiration for table décor. From frosty winter wonderland accents to rustic styling inspired by firelit forest cabins, there’s plenty of food for thought.

Wedding table options

Although choosing themes and décor is the most exciting part of the process, deciding on the right style of tables for your event is the first and most crucial decision to make. For your reception, you need to consider the type of tables you want based on factors like the space available, how many guests you invite and the dining style you have opted for.

The three main types to think about are round tables, poseur tables and rectangular tables.

Round tables

Round tables are by far the most popular choice for weddings as they seat more people than rectangular tables, making it easier to chat without having to shout across people to be heard at the other end of the table. For a more sophisticated look you can purchase some table covers to fit the colour scheme or your wedding’s theme

Poseur tables

Whilst poseur tables are a great option to encourage mingling and interaction, if you plan on having a sit-down meal, these probably aren’t for you. But you could consider having a few of these close to the bar, as they do not need seating and are a great place to put drinks down and chat.

Rectangular tables

For your head table, a rectangular table is probably the most functional choice. Whilst they don’t offer the same level of interaction as round or poseur tables, they tick all the boxes for making the newlyweds and guests of honour visible and easy to hear when it’s time for the speeches.

Rectangular tables are also a must if you plan on having a buffet style meal as they make the food easily accessible to your guests and create a bit more structure.

With the table style down, it’s time to get to the exciting part; decoration! One of the best things about winter weddings is that you can go all out and embrace the winter theme. Chances are, you’re holding an indoor or covered wedding, factoring in the UK weather which gives you even more options for personalising the space.

Keep centrepieces small

Whilst it might be tempting to go for large and elaborate centrepieces, make sure you consider whether they will get in the way of conversations across the table or take up space that is needed for food and drinks. Sometimes the more subtle centrepieces are the best choice when it comes to the overall effect.  Smaller is often more cost-effective too!

Light up your wedding venue

Consider incorporating candlelight into your table décor as this will create an intimate and wintery feel whilst ensuring any gloomy winter weather is compensated for. Flickering LED candles are a great option as they are safer than a real flame but still provide that cosy fireside glow. You could also opt to incorporate lighting into other parts of your décor, for example string lights or lanterns adorning the walls or ceiling.

Take inspiration from nature

Pine cones are your best friends when it comes to winter weddings. They are readily available and very affordable, but they also provide the perfect decorative touch.. You can use them to hold name cards or to add into your floral decorations. Dark green foliage, red berries (faux) and even cinnamon sticks are also popular additions to winter centrepieces and provide a cosy and festive feel.

Wedding furniture experts

Whatever you decide is right for you, Trent Furniture’s cost-effective range of wedding furniture will make it easy to find the seating you want without breaking the budget. If you have any questions about furniture for your winter wedding, get in touch via the contact button below and our team will be happy to help.

The hospitality industry is set for a busy season of socialising, as customers take advantage of the relaxed government restrictions. Bars are swapping their spooky décor for tinsel and baubles, while restaurants are managing the early influx of festive reservations. The weather’s getting colder and the days are getting darker, as we’re solidly into the latter end of the autumn months – but that doesn’t mean your venues have to! We at Trent Furniture have put together some of our favourite AW21 furniture trend recommendations, ensuring that your customers will be just as complimentary about your aesthetic as your service! Read on for our inside scoop on the hottest autumnal furniture trends.


Sustainability is set to reign supreme across this season’s furniture trends. Whether it’s an upcycled wooden chair or a second-hand wicker coffee table, plastic-free alternatives are set to take the interior design industry by storm. Our Square Scroll Table is a firm favourite of both traditional pub settings and sophisticated wine bars; with its historic cast iron design and eco-friendly tops in three wood colours, it can be easily customised to your establishment’s needs, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are making your establishment that little bit more sustainable.

All things wooden

We’re loving the familiar charm of wooden furniture this autumn, and with our multitude of options, you’re sure to find the product for you. Our Capra Square Table is sure to make our eco-friendly customers rejoice – it features a synthetic teak top, ensuring that scarce timber resources aren’t depleted, while accruing the additional benefits of water resistance and durability. Or, perhaps a homelier feel is your establishment’s aim; the Farmhouse Fiddleback Chair design has enjoyed popularity for more than a century, due to its timeless beauty. It consists of sturdy European Beechwood, is available in three wood colours, and we are proud to offer the lowest UK price! We have a wide range of wooden chairs available to browse on our website now, with customisation a handy option.

Muted shades

It may be tempting to jump straight into bright tones – however, put aside the pumpkin-esque orange décor, and instead reach for more subtle autumnal hues for your contract furniture. If you’re set on warm tones, a muted peach or terracotta enhances the earthy undertones of your space without compromising on style. Burnt umber is another great colour option; its darker reddish-brown notes provide all of that rich autumnal warmth with none of the garishness. Our Stockholm armchair is an ideal choice for a neutral seating option that is as adaptable as it is attractive. Featuring a golden tan suede body and a sleek matte black frame, it completes any cosy casual dining area, or provides stylish seating for waiting rooms and lobbies.

If a green theme is more your cup of tea, there’s a wealth of inspiration to be found. From dark forest greens to olive and khaki, it’s never been easier to incorporate a sense of nature’s tranquillity into any establishment.

A modern and rustic mix

Love the look of slick marble as well as woven boho? Torn between a modern vibe and a rustic twist? There’s no need to choose between the two! With over 190,000 pins on Pinterest, you too can create the classic contemporary fusion of your dreams. By mixing and matching a variety of furniture eras, it will result in an entirely unique aesthetic for your establishment; why not blend our cool-toned Vienna white marble tables with a set of rustic chairs, such as our robust Boston armchairs? Incorporate some lush greenery in macramé planters and metallic gold kitchenware, and an instantly Instagram-worthy décor is yours!


As the leading supplier of contract furniture in the UK, Trent Furniture has a huge range of top-quality furniture sourced from our trusted suppliers at the best possible prices. Our team of experts is always on hand for any enquiries, either by phone on 0116 2986 866 or by email at

Planning on holding a Christmas pub quiz for your locals this year but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to make sure your pub quiz is the one to beat.

Pub Christmas decorations

It’s far too easy to go overboard with your Christmas decorations and end up with a flurry of green and red all over the room.  First things first, you need to decide on what type of Christmas look you want to achieve. Do you want to go with the classic ‘Deck the halls’ theme? Or do you want a more minimalist and modern theme?

Once you have fixed on a theme, you can move on to the actual decorations. The most obvious and important thing to consider is your tree, as whether it’s real or fake, it’s going to be your centrepiece. You need to select a tree that is the right size for your room; it needs to avoid making the surrounding space feel cramped, but it also shouldn’t get lost in the room. Make sure to add some sparkly lights, matching baubles and fake gifts tucked underneath. As for the rest of the room, here are some decorations to consider:

  • Garlands on the bar
  • Fairy lights
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas wreaths
  • Stockings by the fireplace
  • Festive bunting

Pub quiz Christmas food

When it comes to food for a pub quiz, you don’t want anything too fancy. The truth is, your food is not the main event today, as your locals don’t want to be leaning over their meals and scrambling to write their answers before their food goes cold. Snacks and small plates are an ideal best option. You can opt for pub favourites like crisps or chips, go for some mozzarella sticks or even get a bit more festive with pigs in blankets. The main thing is to keep the drinks flowing and have a good laugh, after all, it’s Christmas.

Pub quiz furniture

If you can, it’s a good idea to opt for round tables. These are much more inclusive for a pub quiz as they make it easier for everyone on the team to be able to discuss their answers without declaring them to the entire room.

In light of COVID-19, guests may not feel entirely confident about sitting inside, so it’s important that you do whatever you can to make them feel safe. Distancing your tables apart from others is one of the simplest things you can do. Check out our social distancing range for help with this.

Don’t forget about your outdoor space. Although it’s not convenient to hold your pub quiz outdoors in the middle of winter, it may be an idea to ensure that your outdoor space is kitted out with some heaters and blankets to keep everyone cosy and happy if they don’t want to spend all evening indoors.

Pub furniture for your venue

From barstools to sofas, coffee tables to banquet tables, we provide a wide range of high-quality pub furniture at Trent Furniture. For help finding the perfect furniture for your space, or to chat with one of our friendly team, get in touch on 01162989854 or email us at

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