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Outdoor cinemas have risen in popularity over recent years and it looks like the trend is here to stay. From enjoying kids’ movies in the park to catching a classic horror under the stars, these events are not only great fun for patrons but can also present a great business opportunity.

We’ve put together some of the main considerations you should make when setting up an outdoor cinema.

What makes a good outdoor cinema venue?

Parks, fields, beaches, rooftops… there are plenty of outdoor venue options available for your outdoor cinema. Just remember that unless you own this land or venue, then you will likely need to seek permission and rent the space and should factor this into your budget.

If you already have business premises, like a pub or party venue, these events can be a great extra to add to your roster to bring in new customers and delight existing ones. 

Consider your target audience when selecting a venue and the dates and times you will be showing your movies. For example, if you are trying to attract families with young children, an early showing in a park or field may be a logical choice.

Safety requirements for outdoor cinema events

As an event organiser, you will have a duty to plan, manage and monitor your outdoor cinema event to make sure that workers and the visiting public are not exposed to health and safety risks. We recommend visiting for more information on this.

Movies and licenses

Picking the movie for your outdoor cinema event may come down to three main questions:

Is it the right movie for my target audience?

Are you aiming to target children and families? Want to draw in an older crowd with a horror night? Considering the audience and what they will want to watch is the best way to ensure you sell tickets to your event.

Can I obtain a license to show it?

You will likely need both film copyright licensing and premises licensing.

For more information about obtaining licenses for showing a movie in public, visit or the ICO (the Independent Cinema Office).

How much does it cost to show a film?

Depending on how you source your license the cost may change based on factors like the number of audience members and how many screenings you intend to have, so it’s worth considering this against your budget.

What equipment do you need for an outdoor cinema?

There are a few items of equipment that you will need to show your movie including:

  • Projector
  • Outdoor screen
  • Sound system
  • DVD / Blu-ray player

You have two options for these items; rent or buy. If you are planning on testing the waters or simply holding a one-off outdoor cinema event, then renting will prove a much more cost-effective option.

There are also additional items to think about including cables, lighting, and even a portable toilet if there are no facilities on-site.

Seating for outdoor cinemas

Seating is another item to consider when it comes to planning and budgeting. If you plan to invest in seating for guests as opposed to asking them to bring their own, choosing a water-resistant option that is designed for outdoor use is a must!

Being able to stack and transport chairs should also be a top priority as you will need to keep them protected when not in use and perhaps even move them between event venues.

Finally, comfort is key! If guests will be enjoying a long movie then having a supportive and comfortable seat is essential.

Outdoor stacking chair

Trent Furniture’s Paris Outdoor Armchair and Monaco Red Wicker Stacking Chair (above) are great options as they cover these needs whilst being very cost-effective. If you have any questions about furniture for outdoor cinema events, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

Spring is usually the time for a bit of a clean and spruce up, but this year in particular, with the reopening of pubs and restaurants getting closer, you want to make sure your customers are being welcomed back to a clean environment that is going to make them feel safe. So, while your doors are currently closed, it’s the perfect time to get out the paintbrushes and the rubber gloves and get cleaning with some of the following tips!

1.Clean and replace furniture

Other than the food, the furniture in your bar or restaurant is arguably the most important thing you need to consider. So, if you’ve got a few wobbly tables and chairs being propped up by folded napkins or menus, now is the time to replace them! Similarly, you should think about updating your outdoor furniture if you haven’t in a while, as it will be taking centre stage for the next few months.

If your current furniture is still in good nick it’s still important to give it a good clean – deep clean fabric chairs and sofas to remove stains, varnish or polish wooden table tops, and give everything a once over with a speciality anti-bacterial furniture cleaner. Make sure you’re also cleaning the underneath of your chairs and tables, as these likely won't get much attention as part of your regular cleaning schedule.

2.Increase your kerb appeal

Outdoor areas will be seeing more traffic than ever this year. Ensuring windows are clean and streak-free, paint is refreshed and not chipped, leaves and debris are regularly swept up, and the floor and outdoor furniture are jet-washed will encourage more diners both now and in the future, whether they are dining inside or out. Incorporating decorative items such as flowers and lights will also help make the area feel like a truly natural extension of the interior.

3.Clean your floors and carpets

While your counters and surfaces might be scrubbed to within an inch of their lives, if you have dirty, dusty or stained floors, your customers are likely going to assume that your food prep areas look the same. Steam cleaning your floors will give them a new lease of life that you won’t get from a quick daily sweep and mop. Especially if you have carpet, thoroughly cleaning it and letting it dry can take a couple of days, so it makes sense to get this done now while no customers are coming inside.

4.Refresh the bathrooms

Although customers won’t be able to eat inside for a little bit longer, they will still be able to come in to use the bathroom, and if they haven’t been used in a few months you want to make sure they are still looking their best. A fresh coat of paint, flowers and diffusers will keep them looking and smelling bright and new, while a proper clean of the toilets, sinks and floors will ensure that nothing puts people off of their delicious meal.

5.Don’t forget about staff areas

Just because some areas won’t be seen by your customers doesn’t mean they couldn’t also use a good spring clean. After all, happy staff will lead to happy customers and giving them a nice, clean area to get ready for their shift or relax on their break will make all the difference. Investing in some comfortable furniture such as a big leather sofa or some tables and chairs will show that your employees are valued, without it needing to cost a fortune.

By following these five simple spring-cleaning tips, your bar or restaurant will be able to confidently welcome back customers into a safe and hygienic environment, and they’ll help to keep your premises looking spick and span for years to come too.

If your spring clean involves replacing some of your furniture, take a look at our full range of contract grade restaurant and pub furniture, including tables, chairs, stools and sofas. As experts in all things furniture, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Contact us to find out more.


Trent Furniture’s perennially popular Bella Chair is inspired by a true furniture icon, the Tolix chair, which combines durable practicality with timeless French industrial metal style.

Who invented the Tolix chair?

The original Tolix chair was designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934. Pauchard’s father and grandfather were zinc roofers, and it was through his metal-related expertise that in 1907 Pauchard discovered it was possible to protect sheet metal from rusting either by dipping it in molten zinc or galvanising it.

Ten years after making this discovery, Pauchard set up his own factory manufacturing steel household goods under the brand name Tolix, which is still operational today. The 1934 Tolix chair, which was known as the Model A, was designed for indoor use as well as all-weather outdoor use, which is why it features holes in the seats for the rain to drain off. However, despite its instant appeal among café and bistro owners across France, they complained that the chairs were impractical as they wouldn’t stack properly. Taking this feedback on board, a slimmer-framed, stackable Tolix chair which could be stacked 25 chairs high to 2.3 metres, was launched in 1956. The chair’s popularity went from strength to strength, being used in factories, hospitals and offices as well as hospitality settings.

Since then, the Tolix chair has become a worldwide favourite in restaurants, bars and homes thanks to its hardwearing retro chic. Indeed, such is the iconic status of the design that examples are on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Paris’s Pompidou Centre.

The Tolix legacy

Today, Tolix chairs, which are still manufactured from rugged steel, are available from around £200. While this is a great opportunity to own an original piece of design for those with money to burn or for collectors of fine furniture, it is not a practical or affordable option for the hospitality industry. Luckily, there are plenty Tolix-inspired options available, including our hugely popular Bella range.

Retro style with modern design

Our range of Bella Chairs are manufactured from high-quality steel and are precision welded to guarantee the durability needed for the demands of the hospitality environment. Fitted with rubber feet to protect flooring and facilitate smooth gliding across all surfaces, our Bella chairs can be stacked up to ten high, making them easy to store or move.

A restaurant furnished with Tolix Chairs

The perfect finish for you

As well as its retro industrial style, the Bella Chair is a popular choice because of its versatility. Available in black, blue, mint green, orange, red, silver, white and yellow, there is an option for every colour scheme. Alternatively, the Bella Chair with Wooden Seat and the Bella Chair with Upholstered Seat are both great options for indoor use in your restaurant, café or bar and the Bella Tall Stool is the perfect partner for bars and poseur tables. Another great benefit of the Bella Chair is its versatility when mixing with different tables such as our contemporary Chrome Pyramid Table or more traditional Shaker Table.

To find out more about how to inject some Tolix-inspired style into your restaurant, café or bar with our Bella range which starts at just £23.90, please fill in our contact form or give us a call on 0116 2987 397.

Outdoor furniture, and especially waterproof outdoor furniture, has become more relevant than ever for restaurant and pub owners. Providing alfresco options for dining and drinking has never been more important as the hospitality industry embraces its long-anticipated reopening. However, even as restrictions are lifted, as we know, the Great British Weather cannot be relied upon to provide the perfect outdoor dining experience.

Here in the UK, outdoor hospitality furniture needs to be strong, sturdy and resistant to everything the weather can throw at it, including the frequent downpours that often punctuate our summer.

Reasons for buying waterproof furniture

One of the most common issues with outdoor tables is swelling of the table tops caused by rainwater. Tables damaged in this way are quickly rendered useless as the table top buckles, making it impossible to safely place plates and glasses on them.

Long outdoor table for pubs and restaurants made in waterproof aluminium

When buying a table for outdoor contract use, the golden rule is to avoid tables designed with a separate plastic edging. Hardwearing tables such as our Vista table (pictured above) are constructed from a particleboard core with a stainless steel outer layer formed over the core to create a durable surface. The stainless steel top curves over the edges of the table top to create a continuous surface which prevents water gathering on the surface or coming into contact with the core, which causes the swelling.

With the rainproof Vista table, you can rest assured your table is ready to withstand the rain summer after summer. The large rectangular version mixes seamlessly with the Alma Round Aluminium Table to cater for parties of all sizes. These versatile tables can be paired with a wide range of chairs; one of the most popular choices is the comfortable and water-resistant Monaco Aluminium Stacking Chair, which is designed with fully welded joints throughout for maximum durability.

Contract furniture combining style with strength

All bar and restaurant furniture needs to be built to cope with the everyday wear and tear of constant use by an ever-changing stream of people who may not respect the furniture as they would their own, but toughness is particularly important when furnishing an outdoor space. Aluminium, stainless steel, synthetic teak and synthetic rattan are all great options for creating a stylish space that won’t start showing signs of wear and tear after just one summer.

Water-resistant black aluminium table and chair for outdoor use

Our new Cannes outdoor table (shown above) is entirely constructed from aluminium, with a black powder-coated finish for a stylish and modern twist. Its 80cm x 80cm surface provides ample dining space for a party of four. The matching Cannes outdoor armchair and Cannes outdoor chair can be mixed together to create a relaxed and comfortable outdoor dining environment for many summers to come.

Hardworking and durable outdoor furniture

Most of our outdoor furniture, including the Vista and Cannes range is equally at home in an indoor setting, meaning it’s a versatile choice for both inside and outside as requirements change. Not only that, it’s lightweight and stackable, meaning it can be easily stored and moved around as needed.

For more information about our great range of outdoor furniture, please click "contact us" below or call us on 0116 2988 405.

In small restaurants and cafes, it might seem like you should use the biggest items of furniture possible so you can fit in the largest number of customers. But having large furniture in a small space can just make it seem even smaller. Instead, you should be thinking about clever space-saving furniture solutions that will provide comfort and style while still being size appropriate.

What is space-saving furniture?

Space-saving furniture is compact designed furniture that either has multiple uses or can be tidily hidden away when not in use. In a pub or restaurant, this could include backless bar stools that can be tucked fully under tables when they are not being used, such as our Dusseldorf Hairpin Stool, or sofas and benches that have storage space within them for keeping your excess ambient stock or decorative items.

Another example of space-saving furniture for your restaurant or café is stackable chairs. There are a number of stylish seating options out there these days that are lightweight for easy movement and designed to be neatly stacked out of the way. Square tables can also help you save space as they can be used by themselves for small parties or joined together for larger groups. This means you can create more space between customers on quiet days, but fit in more people on busy ones.

What are the best sofas for small spaces?

Depending on the exact size and shape of your establishment, a combination of both small sofas and armchairs is usually best for a small space. Armchairs may seem like the obvious solution for small spaces as they take up less space, however, they actually take up more space per person. Two-seater sofas are therefore ideal, especially in cafés where fewer people will need to be sat at a table.

Manhattan Two-Seater Sofa – This sofa is made of thick brown leather upholstery that offers both comfort and a timeless look. It has a strong hardwood frame that can withstand years of wear and heavy-use and is also available as an armchair and three-seater sofa to mix and match in different areas of your restaurant.

Chesterfield Two-Seater Sofa – This button-backed sofa provides a classic and sophisticated look for any bar, restaurant, café or hotel. The faux leather is attractive but easy to clean, and it is sturdy enough for dining but comfortable enough for relaxing and talking with friends.

Berwick Buttoned-Back Bench – While it may not be traditionally what you would think of when choosing a sofa, benches can provide all the comfort of a sofa while saving space by lining the full length of a wall. Benches like this can be used alongside sofas, armchairs or regular dining chairs, giving you versatility within your restaurant design.

Where can I buy furniture for small spaces?

At Trent Furniture, we sell high-quality furniture for restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes of all shapes and sizes. From barstools to sofas, coffee tables to banquet tables, we can help you find the perfect items of furniture to fit in your space.

All of our furniture is contract grade, making it more sturdy, durable and long-lasting than standard domestic furniture, as well as certified for fire retardancy by the FIRA. Having been designed for commercial settings many of our furniture pieces are more compact than ones found in a home, to help you truly maximise the space available to you.

With the right furniture, small spaces can still be eye-catching and comfortable without being cramped or overwhelming. With more than 60 years’ experience supplying pub and restaurant furniture throughout the UK, we’re the experts you can trust. For more information give us a call on 0116 2989 854 or browse our range of products today.

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