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Perhaps you’ve recently updated your pub furniture and are looking for the best ways to keep it maintained, or maybe you’re intent on scrubbing up the tables and chairs that you already own, making them good as new.

At Trent Furniture we often get asked for tips about how to maintain furniture, but none more so than the pub industry. Pub furniture certainly has a lot to go through so it’s only expected that furniture will succumb to the odd bit of wear and tear.

But there are some ways for you to extend the life span of your pub furniture, meaning you don’t have to go through the process of buying new tables and chairs as often.

In this post, we look into tips for keeping your pub furniture looking brand new:

Buying robust furniture

First things first, your pub furniture should be robust enough to deal with the high amount of use in the pub environment. There’s simply no use trying to maintain a chair that isn’t made to a high enough standard - you’re just fighting a losing battle.

At Trent Furniture, are our furniture ranges are tested rigorously by FIRA, which gives our customers peace of mind that they are suitable for a contract environment.

Tips for moving around your furniture

This little trick involves regularly moving the furniture around your pub. You might not know it but there are certain areas within your pub that get more use than others.

As such, it’s advised to maneuver your tables and chairs around the pub periodically to ensure that the wear and tear is distributed evenly. Being aware of which areas of your pub get the most traffic will slow down the total wear and tear of your furniture.

Monthly checks on your furniture

Make sure you schedule a monthly check of your furniture in your calendar. By doing this you can keep on top of any damage before it gets worse. Taking the time to inspect your furniture can make the world of difference in extending the lifespan of your pub furniture.

Keep an eye out for wobbly tables and chairs, loose screws, ripped upholstery, and marks and chips.

Tips for maintaining leather furniture

One of the major benefits of leather is that it’s really easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth and a soft cloth to dry. Don’t soak the chair/sofa, though. Doing so, along with the use of detergents, waxes, and creams, can damage the leather. For more permanent stains, use a specialist leather cleaner.

Tips for maintaining wooden furniture

For everyday cleaning, you can use Relay Spray. Relay provides an all-purpose disinfectant suitable for all service areas which unlike some cleaners has no unpleasant smell and is specially formulated to be kind to polished wooden surfaces – perfect for use in between service.

Tips for maintaining upholstered fabrics

Most stains and spillages on upholstered fabric can be easily treated using a damp cloth. However, it’s important to do so as soon as possible so that the spillage doesn’t settle in the fabric. There are certain materials will need specialist cleaning products. Before using products, give it a test on a non-visible area to ensure it doesn’t damage the fabric even more!

To reduce the likelihood of the upholstered fabric fading, place upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight and radiators.

Pub furniture maintenance tips

We are proud to always to offer the very highest quality pub furniture at the best value for money. Over the years that we have been supplying pub furniture, we have been able to create a range of furniture which does both things.

Browse our full range of pub furniture including tables, chairs, stools and more here.

We’re just about half way through the year and we are pleased to have already played a part in refurbishing a host of existing establishments as well as some completely new ones.

So far we’ve furnished restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs, clubs and some more obscure venues.

Although we are proud of our part in all of them, here are some of our particular favourites from 2019:


Boasting picturesque views across Portsmouth Harbour from its Royal Clarence Marina location, Arty’s is a popular choice of restaurant.

The restaurant already had a unique, quirky interior but this year, Arty’s recently underwent a refurbishment that included a new colour scheme, artwork and additional pieces of furniture.

The Farmhouse table was selected as the perfect table to match with the restaurant’s eclectic theme. With a white under frame and legs combined with a walnut finish solid wood top, the table is a popular choice for quirky bistros and fashionable eateries.

Take a look at the makeover.

Alzheimer Scotland

Alzheimer Scotland, the leading dementia organisation in Scotland, launched a new project in 2019 that uses the social elements associated with a trip to the pub to help people living with dementia, their friends and family socialise in a comfortable environment.

‘Beer with Buddies’ is a new traditional style pub onsite at Alzheimer Scotland’s Paisley day centre that acts as a deterrent for social isolation.

We were pleased to play a small part in the launch of this worthwhile project by supplying the furniture.

Read more about the project and take a look at the interior.

Roe Green CC

This village cricket club found in the suburbs of Manchester decided to enlarge and refurbish the bar and clubhouse in a bid to encourage punters of Roe Green to use their facilities instead of local pubs.

The cricket club decided upon our Bar Furniture Package that includes three square shaker poseur tables and 12 tall squareback stools were the best choice for their needs.

We think that the new furniture looks great in the cricket club and matches seamlessly with the chairs and sofas already in place.

Take a look at the refurbishment project.

Contract furniture supplier

If you like the look of these interiors, and think it’s about time you gave yours a refresh, take a look at our range of commercial furniture.

The pub. A social hub of activity that has been a part of British culture for decades.

Over the years, the pub has no doubt seen plenty of change as they have had to adapt and adjust in response to the latest customer trends and industry changes. Craft beer, high-quality food and a smoking ban are just some of the introductions that have swept across pubs throughout the country.

Pubs that find innovative ways to remain attractive to consumer continue to succeed in an industry that sees 18 pubs close every week. It’s a constant battle but for a pub to move forward, it needs to progress and move with the times.

The latest change the pub is seeing is a rise in the number of non-drinkers. Should pub owners be tapping into this market?

The rise of teetotallers

The number of non-drinkers in the UK has seen a stark rise in the past few years. A study by University College London found that the number of 16 to 24-year-olds who don’t drink alcohol has risen from 18 per cent in 2005 to 29 per cent in 2015.

The main driver behind it is health benefits and cultural factors. Researchers on the study found that teetotalism was becoming ever more common amongst the younger generations, whilst drunkenness was deemed less acceptable. 

Attracting non-drinkers to pubs

Generation Z includes those born after 1995. 78% of those in this generation surveyed believe that pubs need to make themselves more inviting to customers who don’t drink alcohol. This is according to a Nitro-Generation report from Nescafé Azera.

And there is more to embracing non-drinkers than simply offering them a pint of Coca Cola. By providing something different to this market, you immediately identify as a pub who appeals to non-drinkers. This could be anything from offering alcohol-free beer, coffees, specialist soft drinks and mocktails.

Give your pub a refresh

As well as giving your menu and offerings a refresh to attract non-drinkers, a third of those questioned in the survey also felt that pubs are becoming outdated. Another way to appeal to younger and older generations alike is to update your pub’s interior. Be honest, how long has it been since you’ve had an update?

Trent Furniture has a range of pub furniture that is ideal for bringing your pub up to date. 

At Trent, we know that furniture plays a huge part in the popularity of your pub, and creating an inviting space for guests to relax in can work in your favour.  If you’re starting from scratch or planning a complete overhaul, we’re here to help you choose the best furniture that reflects the style of your pub.

Cast Iron

Instantly adding a sense of heritage to your pub, cast iron furniture is hard-wearing as well as visually appealing with its Victorian charm. If your pub has an old, rugged charm about it, why not take advantage of its appeal and decorate with furniture to match.  We offer a wide choice of traditional decorative cast iron furniture pieces, many of which are based on classic designs from the Victorian era. Our Single Lionhead Poseur Table is a popular choice and customisable with its range of table tops. Choose from solid hardwood or veneer table tops in light oak, dark oak or walnut as well as laminate and melamine tops, a poseur table become a stylish place to rest freshly poured drinks on.

Paired with a brown leather chair in a cosy, fire-side pub corner, a cast iron table can make for a traditional feel. But what about your outdoor space? At Trent, we use quality iron and a powder coating process during production, ensuring that our furniture withstands weathering. Cast iron tables have heavy bases offering strength and stability in windy conditions, making it easier to decorate with a consistent style indoors as well as outdoors.  

Wooden Furniture

Offering bags of rustic charm, decorating with wooden furniture can give your pub the desirable homely feel it deserves. From a creamy, country kitchen look to a chic, dark wood and modern twist, the possibilities to create a unique style to your pub are endless.

For example, our rectangular farmhouse table is the perfect choice to accommodate large groups of people, and when paired with the matching farmhouse range, will create a traditional feel. Available in dark and light oak colours, the standout turned leg feature, gives this table an attractive appearance that complements a country or modern decorative style.

As furniture experts and pub-goers ourselves, we know that a pub table needs to be strong and durable, and as such we use the very best oak and walnut hardwoods. To help protect the tops against the inevitable food and drink spills, we apply veneers and finishes to ensure our tables are stain resistant and less prone to damage from heat.

We have over 60 years’ experience in supplying contract furniture from our Leicestershire headquarters to catering industries up and down the country. To full our full range of pub furniture, follow the link to our product page. Online or over the phone, we’re here to help you find the right product at the right price. Get in contact with us on 0116 2989 838 or email your enquiry to

The summer season is tantalisingly close and for restaurant owners, that means the busiest period of the year is about to begin. Top to bottom, inside and out there are plenty of creative and refreshing changes you can make to your restaurant in preparation for the high season.

The great outdoors

No matter how small your outside space is, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to splash a bit of summer over your restaurant’s garden, patio or outside bar. As the temperatures rise, little is needed in the way of enticing your guests outside, but there are simple things that can be done to keep them there.

Making the most of your outdoor space by adding tables and chairs can be a great way to encourage guests to sit in the sun. At Trent, we supply an extensive range of outdoor furniture to suit your requirements. From the light-weight aluminium poseur table, ideal for any pub garden or patio to the attractive black rattan plaza chair and grate, we have everything you need to make the most of your space.

Why not think about adding lights to your space, or investing in summer linens and crockery? Make your outdoor space appealing by tidying up and de-weeding.

Bring summer indoors

If outside space is limited, there are plenty of things you can do inside to reflect the summer weather outside. Freshening up your furniture with bright and colourful cushions, or adding flowers to your table and bar decorations are a simple way to make a big change.

Adjusting your floor plan too, can really open up the layout of your restaurant. Fewer tables inside can make for more comfortable dining, especially in the summer’s heat, and ensuring the windows are open will help to blow away the winter cobwebs. Bar stools are a great space-saving addition to any establishment, whilst creating a friendly and sociable atmosphere in the evenings. At Trent, we stock and supply a range of wooden bar stools, in a light, medium and dark oak, suitable for any restaurant environment.

Change it up in the kitchen

Give your guests a reason to visit your restaurant, update your menu to reflect the summer time season! Think about adding smaller dishes that can be enjoyed alongside drinks, or extending your kitchen hours since days are longer and people will want to dine late into the evening. Making your menu colourful and attractive will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Why not think about offering evening foodie events? From tapas for two to summer buffets, there’s plenty of reasons to make your restaurant the hot-spot to enjoy the weather.

For even more hints and tips to make your establishment stand out from the crowd, read our wide collection of blog posts.  Over the phone or online, Trent are here to help you with all your furniture needs! Contact us today.

For even more hints and tips to make your establishment stand out from the crowd, read our wide collection of blog posts.  Over the phone or online, Trent are here to help you with all your furniture needs! Contact us today.

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