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For the second year running we will be exhibiting at the Holiday Park Show taking place at the NEC in Birmingham. Following the success of last years show the organisers have expanded the floor plan significantly with more exhibitors and delegates likely to attend. Prysm events have described the show as one of Europes most comprehensive trade shows for the leisure, hospitality and tourism sectors and a must visit for holiday business owners.


Where to find us:

Showcasing some of our bestselling furniture for holiday parks as well as having some of our new arrivals on display you will find us at the heart of the show on stand 2544. If you are attending the show please pop by and say hello! Stop by for a chat anytime  with members from our friendly sales team or drop us an e-mail at to arrange a time slot if you prefer. The show is a great opportunity to find out more and view a small selection of our specialist contract furniture.


Getting to the NEC:

Getting to the NEC is easy with ample parking provided for visitors and excellent public transport links connecting the exhibition centre to all major cities. Public transport includes a train service connecting the NEC directly to Birmingham New Street Station in the city centre. Simply head for Birmingham International and the show is located a short walk from the airport station.


What to expect at the Holiday Show:

The show will run over two days as in previous years over the 8th and 9th November. Not only is the exhibition the perfect opportunity to meet new suppliers and discover some of the most innovative products and dervishes for the Holiday Park sector as you will also find industry leaders offering advice with keynote speakers and seminars. Grab a show guide on arrival and use the timetable to schedule you day to include expert talks that promise "an unparalleled depth of knowledge and inspirational case studies that will help to put your holiday Park on the map" (Holiday Park & Resort Innovation 2017) This combined with the advantage of hundreds of trade suppliers under one roof - surely that's reasons enough to visit or do you need more persuading?


What to expect from Trent Furniture at the Holiday Show:

We supply a vast range of Holiday Park Furniture requirements from cafe chairs and tables to restaurant furniture and sofas or stools for bars, lobbies and communal areas. So what her you are looking to refurb your on site restaurant or kit out accommodation with comfortable sofas we have a huge selection of furniture to choose from that is designed for the hospitality sector and contract use whilst also offering style and affordability. 


Some of our bestselling pieces from our banqueting furniture range will also be on display including a few of our stacking chairs which are ideal for furnishing entertainment venues or marquees. Take a look at our Chiavari chair for example which is the prefect wedding chair and proving hugely popular with business wieners that are venturing into the wedding venue market. The potential for Holiday parks, homes and hotels in this area is huge and choosing furniture when starting out is an important at decision and at Trent Furniture we understand how vital it is to get it right so we are happy to provide multiple quotes and samples if required so you can be sure you are investing in the right furniture!


Trade Shows are great opportunity for us to meet you face to face so whether you are an existing or new client please come and say hi if you are going to be at the show and see if we can help you with your furniture needs-If you aren't able to make it and would like to have a chat then our showroom in Leicester is open 5 days a week or you can simply give us a call on 0116 2864911.


Whatever went wrong with the plate? We’re sure we’re not the only ones that have ordered the perfect dish in a restaurant for it to arrive extravagantly in a seemingly random tableware dish. The most recent experience of this was a ‘plate’ of nachos arriving at my table in a kitchen sink. Yes, a kitchen sink. 

New ways that restaurants are serving food

If you have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, head over to @WeWantPlates Twitter page and you’ll see a host of new ways restaurants are serving food. From fish tanks to walking boots, it seems that nothing is safe from being filled with food.

When was it decided that plates weren’t good enough?

And is there anything even wrong with serving food out of bizarre objects anyway?
The bewilderment and excitement that the presentation brings to the table certainly gets phones out for a picture, but do they add to the dining experience or do they leave customers longing for the golden-years of the classic plate? 

What does the eating out public think?

To see exactly what Brits think of the ever-growing phase, YouGov showed over 2,000 members of the public a selection of unconventional eating vessels and asked them if they considered it acceptable for restaurants, cafés and pubs to serve on.

Ultimately, the report found that the public is ‘distinctly unimpressed’ with the gimmick. The least acceptable way of serving food was in a shoe (nine per cent found it to be acceptable) and in close second was dog bowls (10 per cent). 

It is clear that the majority are out of favour with the new presentation techniques, but there were some which weren’t seen as so unappealing: over half of the respondents were happy with plant pots, wooden boards and slates. 

Depending on who the market is for your restaurant, it may be something to pursue or steer away from. We certainly wouldn’t recommend a fine dining restaurant to embark on a mission to collect slippers to serve their food from but for a casual dining establishment, it’s potentially something that guests may find will add to their eating experience. 

The results show that younger Britons are generally more likely to want food served in or on unconventional items than their elders.

From serving food to restaurant furniture

Whatever it is you choose to serve your food on, it will look beautiful laid on top of our restaurant furniture.

Trent Furniture has supplied restaurants from around the UK with furnishings. Whatever interior your establishment is looking to create, we can help. Browse our restaurant furniture online. 

We all treasure our local pub. It is a place where we socialise with family and friends, form new friendships and create memories in a community space just a stone’s throw away from the comfort of our own home. 

The local pub is a staple British tradition...

The local pub is a staple British tradition but it has recently been revealed just how much we love them. A new poll has revealed that a quarter of people in the UK feel happiest when enjoying time in their local pub.  

Why do people go to the pub?

So, what is It that makes the pub such a special place, and why do Brits feel happier there than a visit to the park or a shopping trip? Well, the research shows that there are plenty of reasons why. The most common response though was being able to catch up with friends and in close second was the pub’s atmosphere. 

Other reasons include making a trip to the pub because it serves their favourite beer (40 per cent) and one in five visits because they are on first name terms with the landlords or bar staff.  

Creating a local pub atmosphere

If you are looking to create the ultimate pub atmosphere that your surrounding residents can’t keep away from, we think there are five main points:

• Dog and child-friendly
• Background music
• Local drinks 
• The right furniture
• A landlord full of character

Buying the right pub furniture

We can’t help with the others, but we can’t certainly help you with the pub furniture.

Trent Furniture has been supplying pubs with furniture for many decades. During that time, there have been many changes to the industry. Where it was always once traditional farmhouse pub chairs and tables, there is now a demand for contemporary designs. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern looking pub, browse our pub furniture range here, on our website.

Most of our wooden pub chairs are available in a variety of woods so it is easy to choose a finish to complement the character of your pub's interior. 

Restaurants, pubs and cafes know all too well that they need to make the most out of each meal time. Traditionally it would be dinner time that would see the busiest action in these establishments, with swarms of customers filling up the seats. However, it seems that the younger generation has a different idea.

The market has always been there for breakfast, but the number of people opting to eat out for breakfast and brunch is growing; especially in the younger generations. Younger adults are driving the trend for eating out for breakfast.

Just like all the other American trends that have come across the pond, dining out for breakfast and brunch is here to stay. Findings from Lamb Weston’s The Future of Breakfast: An Inside report 2017 found that nearly half (48 per cent) of 18-24 year olds eat breakfast out once or twice a month or more. This is followed by 41 per cent of 25-34 year olds. 

The saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it seems that more and more are living up to it. The report shows that 58 per cent now see breakfast as the most important meal of the day.

More than just a morning thing

When you first think of breakfast, it’s natural to associate it with morning time. Although it’s a staple functional meal to start the day, findings from the report show that breakfast is now viewed as a sociable, indulgent occasion. 32 per cent of consumers eat after 11am on Saturday and 39 per cent on Sundays. This shows the need for establishments to not restrict their breakfast/brunch menu to specific times. 

Consumers don’t only want the meal to be flexible, most are influenced by indulgence (66 per cent in 18-24 year olds) and sociability.

Breakfast furniture of choice

Your furniture choices should reflect the menu and theme of your restaurant or café. Whether you serve Americanised, continental, British style breakfasts, your furniture should match with the menu.
If you are in need of some new furniture for your café or restaurant, get in touch with us on or browse our collection – we have a range of different styles to fit with every theme.

December is a key month for restaurants. There are waves of families and friends to contend with, Christmas dinners to cook and New Year’s Eve plans to be made. There’s certainly a lot that requires consideration. One area that sometimes goes under the radar because of all that surrounds it is the office Christmas party. 

Christmas business parties

The majority of businesses will throw a Christmas party. It’s part of our culture. Given the amount of workers at each company and the number of businesses in your vicinity the market is large and shouldn’t be sniffed at by restaurants.

Now, hopefully you’ve not left it this late to begin planning your 2017 Christmas party venue. There are companies that leave their booking until November/December time, but most will have something in the books, or at least have an idea of what they will be doing by late summer time. 

Marketing tips for attracting office Christmas parties:

• A Christmas page should be added to the website that will detail all necessary information (menus, capacities, prices etc.). This will also give you a page to link and direct customers to. 

• If you have a database of customers, email them a newsletter detailing your Christmas plans and early bird offers that you’re offering for office parties. Give them an incentive to book with you early. 

• Christmas party menus and offers should be promoted through social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

• Drop some fliers and leaflets around some of the businesses nearby you, perhaps offering them a ‘neighbour’s discount’.

Making the Christmas party a special event

When an office is organising the party, it’s probable that one of the workers will have recommended your restaurant as the host venue. It’s very unlikely that EVERY member of a company will have been to your restaurant before, so not only is it a chance to strengthen relationships with regulars, but the Christmas office party gives you a big opportunity win over plenty of new customers too.

Don’t think your job is done once the bookings have been made. Make the dining experience a special one to make sure all the colleagues are happy and you’ll have gained yourself a selection of new endorsers.

Restaurant furniture in keeping with the season

To impress your guests, you want to make sure your furniture and décor is in keeping with the season. One thing’s for sure, you don’t want a mismatch of furniture at the table like you’d expect to find in dining rooms across the table on Christmas Day. 

To ensure you’ve got enough room for everyone and no furniture that’s looking worn and old, browse our restaurant furniture range. 

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