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Trent Furniture is most well-known for furnishing restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels and everything in between across the UK. What few will know is that we also export to other countries, too. Our most recent exciting project has been helping to furnish a new restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia restaurant furniture

This latest deal saw us furnish a 200-person restaurant belonging to Saudi Arabian businessman Siddique Al Imtiyaz. The restaurant is in Saudi Arabia’s capital city, the most populated in the country.

The city has an array of high-quality restaurants and we were pleased to be asked to furnish the latest addition. The new restaurant has been furnished with our cast iron tables and wooden dining chairs.

Exporting can be a daunting process, with respect to new languages and legal requirements. But, while there are initial hurdles to overcome, being able to satisfy customers around the world makes it worthwhile. As such, we have created a new role for managing our overseas contracts.

Countries Trent Furniture supply

Trent Furniture has over 60 years’ experience in the contract furniture market and we supply commercial furniture to the hospitality industry across the UK but we’re pleased to now be expanding our customer base further.

The quality of our furniture and service have attracted commercial furniture buyers from around the world. Our chairs, tables and outdoor furnishings can now be found in countries across Europe as well as the UAE and Japan. You can read about how we helped to furnish a popular Latvian bar here.

Elsewhere, in the past few months alone, our chairs and tables have made their way into pubs in Prague, Bordeaux and Stockholm, restaurants in Dubai, Rome and Mouleydier and even a nightclub in Ibiza! There are no bounds and our furniture has also made it far enough to reach Japan when we supplied tall wooden bar stool and cast iron tables to Niigata! 

Our worldwide customers have also expressed their delight at the quality of furniture and value. When a chain branch in Toulouse ordered cast iron tables and traditional pub stools, they were so impressed that they decided to order furniture for other branches of the chain as well.

Want to see what the fuss is about? Get in touch with us today.

Commercial furniture in the UK and beyond

If you are interested in using our furniture to furnish your establishment, no matter what country you are based in, get in touch to see if we are able to match your requirements. 

Sustainable living has become more apparent in home life. As such, it isn’t surprising that consumers are choosing to take this lifestyle with them when travelling.

Those committed to leading a greener life want to engage in these practices wherever they are and it’s the hotel’s responsibility to cater for this market by engaging in their own environmentally friendly practices.

Not only does embracing environmentally friendly practices attract this market, it helps hotels to remain competitive and save money. Here are some easy fixes to leading a more sustainable hotel:

Involve your guests

Perhaps the best way to change your hotel’s fortunes is to make your guests responsible for their choices. Guest involvement creates a better-connected relationship. 

When guests are given the choice, most will choose the environmentally friendly option when given prompts around the room explaining how much energy is saved in each decision. For example, many will turn the air-con off when they go out and keep their towels for a couple of days instead of having them washed and changed unnecessarily every night.

Utilities are one of the biggest operational costs for hotels and by promoting reuse programs, energy usage is minimised. 

Serve local food

In your hotel’s restaurant area, stock food from local suppliers. By using local suppliers, the carbon emissions associated with long-range transportation are minimised. Whilst the cost might be slightly more, consumers are often willing to pay more for local and organic food. Doing so will bring travellers closer to the community and can, in fact, act a USP.


When it comes to being environmentally friendly, a recycling program is what most people first envisage and it’s important to have one in place. Ensure you have a recycle bin in communal areas as well as in the guest’s individual rooms. Recycling won’t necessarily help a hotel save costs, but it will help to establish you as an establishment that cares about the environment.

To take it further, your hotel can also use products that are recycled or partially recycled such as bedding, towels, toilet paper and stationery.

Sustainable furniture

Furniture is everywhere in a hotel. From the hotel rooms and corridors to the reception area and bar. For a hotel that is trying to present itself an environmentally friendly, the choice of supplier for furnishings is massively important.

At Trent Furniture, we believe in looking after the environment's future, that is why all the wood used in our furniture comes from sustainable and properly managed sources. In addition, most of our waste products including wood, cardboard, plastic and waste metal are recycled - or if in a suitable condition, the furniture is given to our local shelter charity.

Furniture for hotels

Our hotel furniture is selected to incorporate a wide range of tables and chairs in both traditional and modern designs, meaning that no matter what the décor of your hotel, we will have something to match. All our products are hard wearing and durable meaning that you don’t have to replace often.

Take a look at our hotel furniture here.

Communal tables have long been a staple of fast food restaurants as they are a simple way to maximise space, but in recent years the trend has moved over to wider meal experiences.

For restaurants and eateries that are attracting young consumers, non-traditional seating arrangements are becoming more common. In the competitive market, restaurants are constantly having to innovate to create a space that appeals to the younger generation. With communal tables offering the social experience that this audience craves when eating out, this piece of furniture is becoming a normal sight. But why is it that restaurants like them?

Offer variety

Communal tables can serve as a station for sole-eaters, small groups and as a private table for large groups. What used to require tables to be pushed together in a mismatch organisation, can now be accommodated by housing one of two large communal tables.

The entire restaurant doesn’t have to be made up of communal tables. In fact, they work best when surrounded by tables for two and four. This way, customers have the option and if they want an intimate meal, they can reserve a table in advance.


A restaurant that houses communal tables is certain to be able to fit more people in than a restaurant that uses a traditional method. If space is a problem, communal tables are a possible solution.

By placing guests on a communal table, space is freed up on private tables for two and four. If a restaurant doesn’t have communal tables, they would have no option but to place a lone guest on a private table, effectively sacrificing the other seats at the table.

Communal tables help restaurants increase revenue by maximising the space available to them.

Millennials love them

Used properly, communal tables completely overhaul a restaurant’s atmosphere. They create a social buzz that attracts millennials and allows them to snack, engage in conversation and linger without feeling pressured to move on.  

The tables do this by making it possible for groups to share a dining experience with other like-minded people. Instead of a table for one, the communal table removes the stigma and gives a sense of community.

Restaurant chairs for communal tables

At Trent Furniture, we have a range of restaurant chairs suitable for accompanying communal tables as well as a more traditional layout. Browse our range today to find a style that matches your restaurant’s interior.

As summer swings into autumn and the outdoor furniture retreats to hibernation, now is the perfect opportunity to freshen it up in preparation for its next appearance. Following the long summer of outdoor dining, table tops have no doubt have bared the brunt of many a drink spill and plate smash.

At Trent Furniture, you’ll find the very best in outdoor tables in a range of different colours, sizes, and finishes to suit your needs. All of our products are built to last and are weather resistant, stylishly designed with practicality in mind. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a guide to help you choose the right table top for your needs.

Table top types

With so many materials and styles on offer, it can be difficult to know which table top to choose. Below are some tips to choosing the correct table top for the perfect outdoor setting.


Made from 100% engineered plastic to retain its clean wood look, polywood table tops are maintenance-free as the weatherproof plastic lasts longer in all conditions for a durable performance. The high-density polyethylene is not only eco-friendly but is also UV resistant and withstands all of nature’s seasons.


Get more from your wicker furniture with a glass-top table. Stain-free and easily maintained, glass will withstand the year-round weather for a long-lasting finish which can be enjoyed time and time again.


Rustic wood furniture fits in with any garden setting. As an eco-friendly choice, it is made to withstand the outdoors with a weather-resistant finish. Wood furniture has natural beauty, texture, and colour.

Metal or Mesh

Steel Mesh offers a traditional look to any garden. The rustproof coating withstands the wet and winter months. A versatile piece that can be used year-round.


High Pressure Laminate is both durable and highly decorative. It features superior wear-resistance for a long-lasting and stylish finish.

A step by step guide to replacing your table top

Outdoor table tops are designed and manufactured to withstand consistent use as well as the unpredictable British weather. However, if your table top should need replacing, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide using glass as an example to help you out.  Just remember, replacing a broken table top will be much more challenging, so take care!

When choosing your replacement glass, make sure the sizing and strength are correct for your needs.

Remove the top and outer rim by pulling up on the rim.
Place the table rim upside down on a protected surface, and angle your new glass table top into the rim.

Snap the supplied plastic clips into place, starting where the top meets the rim, pressing under the lip around the edge of the rim.
With the top and the rim still upside down, insert the table base (with the legs pointing up) and press down, snapping the glass into place.
Turn the table the right way up, and reposition in your outdoor area.

Looking after outside table tops

In order for table tops to stay looking clean and fresh, each material requires different furniture care processes to ensure it looks good for you and your guests. For starters, we recommend using a breathable cover when your furniture is not in use for additional protection. Read on to find out more about our tips to clean and maintain your furniture.  

Polywood tops

The plastic resin of polywood tops have been purified and UV protected. Generally, it can be cared for and cleaned with soap and warm water. For certain stains and additional cleaning power, a 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water solution can be used on the product without affecting the colour.

Glass tops

Perhaps the easiest of table top choices to maintain, use a hot, soapy solution or a glass cleaner to ensure your table top is kept in a good condition. To remove the stubborn stains caused by pollen or dirt, use a glass-safe nonabrasive scrubbing pad.

Wooden tops

Clean with a wet cloth or soft-bristled brush and soapy water at least once a year. We recommend cleaning in the autumn, just before the colder months arrive.

Mesh tops

Coated to withstand all conditions and prevent rust, clean your table top with a cloth or sponge and mild washing-up liquid. Rinse any soap residue off and dry thoroughly. Applying a good quality, clear car wax once a year prolongs the life of your metal furniture – a top tip from us!

HPL tops

Clean the surface with a fat-dissolving cleaning agent that does not contain abrasives. To avoid discolouration, ensure the cleaning agent is removed from the surface with a damp cloth. Abrasive or highly aggressive cleaning products, such as steel sponges, can scratch HPL surfaces and cause irreparable damage to your table top.

Here at Trent, we are here to help you make the right choice in furniture. With customer service at the heart of what we do, we strive to ensure the products you purchase from us are of the highest quality.

Check out our full range of outdoor furniture, where you’ll find everything you need for a perfect outdoor dining experience.

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas in September? If you run a pub or a bar, the answer is no. By planning well in advance, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the seasonal increase in spending on drink and food. This doesn’t mean that you should be putting your Christmas decorations up in September.

Last year a number of pubs were ridiculed on social media for doing this: “I’m still traumatised”, said one Twitter user after finding a Christmas tree in their local pub more than three months before Christmas. So: hold off on the decorations (more of which later). But preparations and publicity? Definitely.

If you have a space such as a function room that can host office Christmas lunches or work parties, now is the time to start taking bookings. Increasing numbers of pubs now have chalkboards both inside and out, so this is a good way of drumming up bookings. Our you could place laminated leaflets on the bar and on the tables around your pub.

It’s often worthwhile getting a local print shop to produce these – they will have a professional, glossy look. Bear in mind, too, that some people are happy to leave their Christmas celebrations until January, so be prepared to stretch your offering into the New Year.

Planning your Christmas menu

Christmas in a pub

If your pub serves food, you will need to start planning your Christmas menu soon. This will almost inevitably involve turkey, but it’s worth thinking about how this can be served: rather than cooking a whole turkey, with the risks that the meat will become dry, your kitchen could look into dishes such as turkey parcels or turkey tornedos – pieces of turkey breast meat wrapped in bacon or pancetta; these can be prepared in advance and cooked or reheated to order.

And remember that diners these days are becoming more adventurous with their Christmas fare: meats such as rabbit and venison are increasingly popular. Cooked in stews and casseroles with seasonal berries and herbs, they have a lovely wintry warmth. Remember, too, that vegetarianism is no longer a fringe choice – a recent poll put the number of vegetarians in the UK at more than 3 million, which is nearly 6 per cent of the population.

Seasonal drinks can add to your offering: winter ales, mulled wine and mulled cider. If your pub is one of the increasing number that serve coffee, there will be spiced Christmas blends available – the aroma of these will add to the atmosphere. If you are serving mulled wine, you will need to think about how to keep it hot.

Smell is a vital part of Christmas: the scent of pine from Christmas trees and from spices such as cloves and cinnamon helps to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Scented candles with these and other seasonal scents can be placed on tables or windowsills. These will emit fragrant scents and give off a soft, romantic glow.

Trees and baubles

Christmas baubles

On the wider question of decorations: Christmas can very easily be made to look cheap and tacky. Many of us wince at the memory of Christmases marked by faded paper chains, tatty tinsel and scuffed baubles. These days, the trend in Christmas decorations is: less is more. It’s likely that someone on your staff will have a creative streak, so it would be rewarding for them to let them have a say in your decorative scheme.

Remember that although Christmas is a Christian festival, it also has pagan roots: the tree brought indoors was traditionally a way of keeping greenery alive until spring arrived – a German tradition that was popularised in the UK in the Victorian era by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Likewise evergreen holly and mistletoe. So sprigs of greenery, used sparingly, can create a tasteful Christmas atmosphere. If you have space for a tree, take care to dress it properly, and don’t overdo it.

Hold back on the tinsel. The ideas website Pinterest is a goldmine of decorating inspiration. Rather than buying mass-produced decorations and baubles, it’s worth looking at e-commerce website such as Etsy, where hand-crafted items such as baubles (as well as candle holders) created by individual makers are available. Now is the time to start sourcing these items.

An unusual Christmas decoration that would be particularly suited to the pub environment would be hops. A vital ingredient in the making of beer, hops also have attractive flowers and leaves. In their dried form, strings of hops, known as “bines”, can be bought as decorations that would be ideal for a pub at Christmas. A quick Google search brings up several suppliers of fresh and dried hop bines and garlands.

Another attractive Christmas plant is the poinsettia, with its vivid red flowers against green foliage. These are inexpensive and the flowers last for four to six weeks, so a well-timed purchase of a batch of these plants will work its Christmas magic over the festive period.

Glass vases or containers filled with small Christmas baubles and pine cones – perhaps spray-painted silver or gold – are an increasingly popular decorative idea. Now is the time to get to work preparing pine cones and sourcing containers and baubles.

Let there be lights

Fairy lights for Christmas tress

Christmas would not be Christmas without fairy lights. And the good news for those with memories of flickering, tacky and unreliable strings of tangled lights is that today’s LED lights are reliable and come in a spectrum of styles and colours. Strung around your bar area, along window ledges or even draped under the ceiling, they will add a twinkly glow to your pub. If you have an outdoor area with space heaters that’s used in the colder months, strategically hung fairy lights can give it a grotto-like appearance. You could also have a supply of blankets and cushions available to keep customers cosy and comfortable outside. Remember too that today’s outdoor pub furniture is durable and weatherproof.

An all-singing, all-dancing Christmas

To create a Christmas buzz, you could hold special events in your pub. Is there an amateur choir in your neighbourhood? Choir singing has become a hugely popular activity, so the likelihood is high that there will be a nearby choir. You could invite a choir to perform Christmas songs and carols in your pub; they might accept payment in return, or perhaps just free drinks for the evening, or it could be a charity fund-raiser. Some choirs are simply grateful for the chance to perform in public; also the exposure helps them to recruit new members. But you will need to start looking into this now, as it can take several weeks for a choir to rehearse a repertoire of songs. Song sheets could be printed off and circulated so that your customers can join in on some of the more familiar numbers.

Other traditional forms of Christmas entertainment include handbell ringing and Morris dancing. If you have space – a car park, say, or a pub garden – you could invite a troupe of Morris dancers to perform Christmas dances and mummery. Again, this could be a charity fundraising event.

Christmas warmth

Charity is always at the forefront of people’s thoughts around Christmas time, so your pub could nominate a chosen Christmas charity and use events such as these to collect money for it over the Christmas period. You could even ask your customers to vote for their chosen charity from a list of nominations. A running total of money collected could be published on a chalkboard and on your pub’s social media site. Christmas is about warmth, and a Christmas charity appeal will add to that sense of warmth and fellow feeling.

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