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Themed restaurants can be found throughout the world with cities like London, Tokyo and New York boasting the most beautiful and bizarre eateries you can imagine! Not only does opening a themed restaurant let you live out your creative and culinary dreams, it can be a great way to draw both local customers and people willing to travel for the experience.

A themed restaurant can create its own publicity and presence in many ways. A new restaurant with a unique twist is very PR friendly and can have people speculating and sharing on social media before you even launch. Added to this is the Instagram worthiness of such a unique experience. With 90% of guests researching a restaurant online before actually going there, according to Upserve, having a restaurant with plenty of online and word of mouth buzz is the way forward.

5 themed restaurant ideas

We’ve looked at some of the most popular and unusual themed restaurant ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. The retro diner restaurant theme

One of the most popular restaurant themes is the 50s style diner. Create this look with bright vinyl furniture, jukebox music, retro artwork and colourful lighting. Explore Trent Furniture’s American Diner furniture range which is perfect for outfitting any retro style establishment. Fatboy's Diner along with the Diner chain offer the perfect retro theme restaurant options in London.

A retro diner themed restaurant using Trent Furniture diner restaurant furniture

2. Jungle restaurant theme

From cafes complete with animatronic animals to tropical cocktail bars, jungle themed establishments prove popular with consumers of all ages. To achieve this decor style, we recommend opting for bamboo or light wood restaurant furniture, along with dimmed lighting and of course as many synthetic or real plants as you can handle! The Rainforest Café is arguably the most popular jungle themed restaurant chain, with locations across the globe.

3. The horror restaurant theme

There are many ways to approach a horror themed restaurant. Some venues choose to opt for a sophisticated space dedicated to the horror movies of old, complete with jewel-toned soft furnishings and ornate dark oak or walnut chairs. Others choose to be more up front with their horror theme and adorn the space with skulls, symbols and all things macabre. Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York, The Lovecraft Bar in Portland and Frankenstein Bar in Edinburgh all offer up some spooky inspiration.

4. Wild West restaurant theme

The Wild West theme has remained popular for years thanks to its appeal to multiple generations. When creating a Wild West themed restaurant, wooden furniture is an absolute must. We recommend using wooden barstools to create that saloon vibe, and farmhouse wooden restaurant furniture to create a rustic feel which is also hard wearing. Here in the UK, the Smith and Western restaurant chain has made a great success of bringing the Western theme across the pond and now owns multiple venues around the country.


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5. A bathroom themed restaurant with toilets…

That’s right, a toilet themed restaurant exists! Modern Toilet in Taiwan serves up its drinks and dishes in miniature plastic toilets, has replaced dining chairs with toilets and of course has toilet themed décor throughout. This bathroom themed restaurant is a huge hit online, attracting many tourists as well as a storm of media attention.

Restaurant furniture from Trent Furniture

Whatever theme you choose, view our restaurant furniture selection to find a wide collection of tables, chairs and stools in a range of style and finishes, all available to view and buy online today.


Looking to find out how to decorate a banquet table? Banqueting furniture is designed to be an easy-to-move blank canvas that can be decorated for any kind of event from weddings and parties to corporate awards ceremonies. We’ve looked at some top tips for decorating banquet tables so you'll know how to decorate a banquet table for your next big event.

Wedding banquet table decor

How you decorate a banquet table for a wedding will be heavily influenced by the kind of style the happy couple desires. You should also consider the atmosphere of the venue; for example a reception meal in a castle hall is likely to be quite different to a reception located in a field or barn.

There are other elements that also need to be thought of, for example will you be using round banquet tables or rectangular? The number of guests may also play a part in both layout and how far the banquet table decorating budget will go. A recent survey from Hitched found that the average number of evening guests people had at their weddings was 106!

Once you have a theme to work from, you can start planning the elements and layout of the table decoration. If you are opting for rectangular tables, try working with the middle section by incorporating a runner and adding decor like flowers and candles at regular intervals.

A round banquet table decorated for a wedding reception

Round banquet tables are wonderful for socialising, and adding centrepieces is a great way to decorate – just remember not to build them up too high so that guests can no longer see one another! If you have multiple items of decor you want to incorporate, try placing them in threes for a rounded style.

Corporate event banquet table decor

The first thing to do is establish the function of the event – will it be a strictly business event or a glamourous corporate awards evening? This should inform the kind of styling you will want to use for the banquet tables. You should also find out if there will be any kind of colour theme or if the branding colours and styles are to be tied into the decoration.

A banquet table decorated for a corporate event

If the event is being held at night and lights are to be dimmed, lighting up the table is a must. Artificial lighting is ideal as it provides more of a glamourous glow than candles which provides a more romantic feel. An evening event also provides the perfect opportunity to go bold with colour choices – using dark or jewel toned table runners or placemats is a budget friendly way to do this. For this kind of event you can also go more opulent with table decor items like unique lights, balloons and feathers.

For more formal corporate events, you may want to keep things more classic, for example by using lighter linens and more minimal table decoration in whites and creams, set off with beautiful glassware. For more ideas, visit our guide to corporate events.

Affordable banquet furniture suppliers

Trent Furniture supplies a wide range of banquet furniture including round, rectangular and foldable banquet tables along with trolleys to easily move them around. We also stock banquet chairs in a wide range of styles with a huge collection of upholstery patterns and colours to choose from. Buy banquet furniture online today, or contact our staff to discuss your requirements further, we'd be happy to hear from you!


In this article we tell you how to clean a pub using our handy pub cleaning checklist.

Running a pub means juggling a wide range of tasks – orders, accounting, keeping employees happy and so much more! Cleaning is just one of many things to think of, so establishing good routines to delegate to staff is one of the best ways to keep on top of things to keep your pub clean, tidy and attracting new patrons.

Establish a pub cleaning checklist

Developing a regular routine for cleaning your pub will allow you and your employees to keep on top of things, preventing a build-up of cleaning duties and keeping the environment as clean as possible for patrons and staff. Creating multiple checklists for different frequencies or times of day is important as duties will differ in each list i.e. if glasses are all washed upon closing, they will not need to be washed again before opening.

Example lists for pub cleaning could include:

Before opening

  • Brush and sweep any litter or debris from the entrance and doormats
  • Hoover, sweep and mop floors
  • Straighten pub furniture
  • Clean the bar area and restock glassware, accessories, snacks and garnishes (ensuring they are clean as you go)
  • Clean and refill and condiment and hot drink stations
  • Dust all visible surfaces, furniture and lighting
  • Clean the bathroom surfaces, sinks, taps, mirrors and doorknobs
  • Refill all bathroom dispensers i.e. soap and toilet roll
  • Disinfect toilet bowls

After closing

  • Clean any surfaces, bottles and drinks dispensers
  • Remove and clean garnish holders
  • Empty and clean ice bins
  • Clean all glassware
  • Remove dirty place mats and drinks mats
  • Turn off and clean any hot drinks machines
  • Clean and sanitise all surfaces
  • Hoover and mop the floors

During service

  • Wipe the bar and tables down regularly
  • Clean up any spills immediately
  • Sweep up fallen food from floors
  • Wash glasses as needed
  • Check toilets regularly and restock and clean as needed

Cleaning a pub for serving food

Pubs serving food has grown rapidly over recent years, in fact, a report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that pub and bar enterprises now employ more people serving food than people working behind the bar. With the rise in food service there also comes a rise in the amount of cleaning needed. You may also wish to create a separate list for kitchen cleaning if you do prepare food.

Use the right pub cleaning supplies

The cleaning products required to clean your pub may be different to the standard household cleaners you can buy on the high street in order to comply with any health and safety regulations and do the job well. Pubs need very regular cleaning and purchasing from suppliers who specialise in cleaning for establishments like pubs will often have the added benefit of being able to buy in bulk, reducing the costs.

It’s also important to ensure you are using the right cleaning products to keep your pub furniture looking its best, with the enamels and woods treated according to the supplier’s instructions.

Invest in the best pub tables and chairs

Furniture is likely to be cleaned daily and experience a lot of footfall over time at a busy pub. For that reason, investing in great pieces is a must to keep your furniture looking clean, tidy and appealing to patrons. Trent Furniture offers a range of affordable and durable pub chairs, pub furniture and bar furniture in a wide selection of styles and finishes. These are all available for you to buy online today, or your can contact our friendly staff for further information and assistance.


In this article we provide advice for landlords on creating the perfect pub garden which customers will love, and will keep your pub busy throughout the summer season.

This long winter of grey skies, gales and floods will eventually come to an end. Spring and summer will arrive, and with the warmer weather, thoughts will turn to the outdoors. There are few better ways to while away a warm afternoon or evening than in a pub garden or terrace, and more and more pubs are making better use of their outdoor spaces. What was once a patch of scrubby grass with a couple of wooden benches and a pile of old beer barrels stacked up in the corner has in many cases become a proper garden: comfortable, stylish and attractive. The best pub gardens will boost a pub’s revenue by attracting drinkers, groups and families – and ensuring that they stay for longer and spend more.

So what are the secrets of a good pub garden? Whether you are creating one from scratch, or improving an existing area, your space needs to look loved and cared for. Like any garden, a pub garden will benefit from good planting and pruning and maintenance. If you or your staff lack the time and expertise, you might want to hire in a gardening or landscaping company to do it for you. A good gardener will advise on what to plant, and where.

How green is your pub garden?

Paving or decking will smarten up a garden; be sure to keep these areas clean by power-washing or scrubbing them periodically. Grassy areas should be kept tidy and lawns cut regularly. Planters or tubs with greenery and flowering plants will bring colour and freshness. Small trees and shrubs, either planted out in the garden or in containers, will bring shade and greenery. These will need to be pruned regularly. Evergreen species such as olives give year-round greenery, while acers add spectacular colour in autumn. Pub-themed plants such as vines and hops will add colour and interest; hops grow vertically, so they will need a trellis or twine to grow up.

Herbal remedies - create unique drinks with herbs grown in your pub garden

Gin is an increasingly popular drink, with many new botanical varieties coming on to the market, and they go well with herb garnishes: these add colour, flavour and fragrance to a drink. So you could devote a corner of your garden, or some containers, to a “gin garden”: herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary and thyme are easy to grow in a sunny spot. Pimm’s, too, is improved with the addition of a sprig of mint or borage, both of which are easy to grow.

A family enjoying a pub garden

Create pub garden "zones"

A large pub garden can be improved through “zoning”, creating different areas for drinking, eating, or for different customer types, with different kinds of furniture: low sofas for the more relaxed areas, poseur chairs and tables for younger, cooler customers. Pergolas can help to delineate the different zones, while also adding visual interest. Vines or climbing plants can be grown on them to create dappled shade.  Small trees or shrubs in containers can also help to mark out the different zones. Decorative bunting adds a festive atmosphere.

A bar that’s not far - the benefits of an extra pub garden bar

One of the drawbacks of a pub garden is that customers need to traipse back into the pub for each round of drinks – which then have to be carried back out to the table on a perilous journey. Many pubs are now installing an extra bar in the garden area; it won’t have quite the range of drinks as the indoor bar, but it will have the basics: draught beers and cider, wines, spirits and mixers. An outdoor bar could also offer jugs of beer and Pimm’s on tap, or special summer cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Remember that white wine can go warm quite quickly, so bottles of white wine and fizz should come with a wine cooler and ice. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the craze for prosecco seems to be cooling; drinkers are turning to alternatives such as French crémant.

Food, too, can be prepared and served outside: pizza ovens and barbecues are popular. Pagers or mobile phones can be used to alert customers when their food is ready. Outside caterers can be brought in to provide food; if you have space, a van serving “street food” will bring in customers and create a buzz. In the evening, firepits bring warmth and light, creating a festive atmosphere.

Lights that are right for the night-time - how to light your pub garden

On the subject of light: this is vitally important. Outdoor areas need to be well lit, not least for safety and security reasons - but not flooded with light. Softness is the key. Strings of bulbs or fairy lights will create a magical atmosphere, while low-level lights will ensure that walkways and steps are well lit.

Beyond the bench - pub garden furniture ideas

And then there is furniture. The basic wooden pub bench is a reliable stalwart of the pub garden, being stable and weatherproof, but today’s outdoor furniture is smarter and more comfortable, as well as durable and tough. Trent Furniture’s Plaza chairs and tables are made from synthetic rattan (the tables have a hardened glass top) and are stackable.

Plaza chair for use as pub garden furniture

A contemporary café-style garden will be improved with a chair such as Trent Furniture’s Monaco wood-effect stacking chair. The British public have become less tolerant of discomfort: they want to be just as comfortable in a pub as they are at home, so they will want solid, sturdy, comfortable chairs, with cushions or seat pads, or outdoor sofas with low tables. Parasols and umbrellas will provide shelter from sun and rain, as well as adding colour to an outdoor area.

Let us play - the benefits of a quality children's play area

There was a time when a children’s play area in a pub would consist of an old plastic slide plonked in an area of bark chips or on the grass. Now it’s not unusual for pubs to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a bespoke themed children’s play area: pubs on the coast often come equipped with a wooden “ship” for children to play in and on. Specialist companies will design and install a play area, though the outlay can be considerable and it can take a long time to recoup the investment. But it’s worthwhile creating an area that engages children beyond just sliding and swinging: a hut, say, or a jungle gym. Outdoor table-tennis tables or table football will also keep kids amused. Giant “connect 4” games, giant chess and croquet are likewise fun and engaging, and might even get the adults playing. Bear in mind that minor accidents happen occasionally, so keep a fully equipped first aid kit on the premises, and ensure that at least one member of staff has first aid training.

Urban gardens

Gardens are also found in unlikely locations; one such is the 10th floor Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room (pictured below), a cocktail bar and restaurant in central London where the rooms are festooned with greenery, and herbs growing in the cocktail bar can be plucked and added to drinks.

A barman serving drinks at the bar of the Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room

Finally, a pub garden or terrace doesn’t have to be just for the warmer months. Outdoor areas are often used throughout the year, with heaters and blankets offering protection from the cold. Investing time and money in your pub garden could yield not just a warm weather bonus, but year-round dividends.


Trent Furniture can provide your pub garden with top quality furniture for a superb price. View our range of outdoor pub furniture for pub gardens and contact us today.

The smooth, curved lines of bentwood chairs are synonymous with timelessly chic European cafe style. And although we take this style of furniture for granted today, when it first appeared on the scene in the late 19th century, it was a truly revolutionary design development and marked an exciting departure from the heavy straight lines of the past.

Who invented bentwood chairs?

All bentwood furniture, including Trent Furniture's extensive range, derives from the first bentwood chair made by German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet in the 1850s in Vienna. The first of its kind was named the Model 14 and soon became known as the 'chair of chairs'. This gamechanger in the world of furniture design received a gold medal at the 1867 World Fair in Paris.

Thonet died just a few years later in 1871 but his unique innovation survives to this day. Thonet-inspired Bentwood chair suppliers continue to use the technique to produce furniture in this classic style. Bentwood furniture for sale in the 21st century brings to mind that golden age of the late 1800s and still rivals many modern techniques for durability.

How are bentwood chairs made?

Part of the genius of bentwood chairs is the way they are made, with no need for any extra materials apart from steam. Thonet's in-depth experimentation allowed him to perfect the technique of using steam to soften the wood, bending it into the desired shape, and then leaving it to cool and dry back into a completely solid form.

The results are striking, even in the present day. A bentwood armchair offers gentle, sweeping curves that allow the seat, back and arms to be more ergonomically designed. This makes the chair as a whole not only aesthetically appealing, but also more comfortable for the natural shape of the human body.

What happened next?

Thonet's sons continued his legacy and bentwood furniture factories popped up throughout Europe. Slatback side chairs are a further example of the technique, combining the bentwood steam method with a straight or curved slatted back rest.

By offering excellent economy of materials used, particularly by avoiding the need to cut curved shapes of wood out of larger, rectangular timber, the bentwood method is perennially popular throughout bars, restaurants, cafes and bistros. Not only that, it offers good environmental credentials for the modern world.

Why are bentwood chairs used in bars?

Bentwood chairs make popular bar furniture for all of the reasons already mentioned. They look good and have a traditional appearance that suits a lot of bars and pubs. They are comfortable to sit in, encouraging patrons to remain on your premises for longer. And because they are manufactured by bending wood rather than joining it, there are fewer joints that might require maintenance in the future.

A slatback bentwood side chair coordinates well with upholstered seating, and many bentwood chairs feature a padded and upholstered seat or a slightly hollowed, ergonomically designed wooden seat, again giving customers a comfortable place to sit.

Finally, their primarily timber construction means bentwood chairs match well with other wooden bar furniture, such as our Wellington Table or cast-iron framed Rectangular Bistro Table.

Need quality bentwood chairs?

If you need quality bentwood chairs for a great price, view the Trent Furniture bentwood chairs range now. And if you have any questions or need further information about our furniture, contact us using the link below, we'd be happy to help you.

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