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Planning on holding a Christmas pub quiz for your locals this year but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to make sure your pub quiz is the one to beat.

Pub Christmas decorations

It’s far too easy to go overboard with your Christmas decorations and end up with a flurry of green and red all over the room.  First things first, you need to decide on what type of Christmas look you want to achieve. Do you want to go with the classic ‘Deck the halls’ theme? Or do you want a more minimalist and modern theme?

Once you have fixed on a theme, you can move on to the actual decorations. The most obvious and important thing to consider is your tree, as whether it’s real or fake, it’s going to be your centrepiece. You need to select a tree that is the right size for your room; it needs to avoid making the surrounding space feel cramped, but it also shouldn’t get lost in the room. Make sure to add some sparkly lights, matching baubles and fake gifts tucked underneath. As for the rest of the room, here are some decorations to consider:

  • Garlands on the bar
  • Fairy lights
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas wreaths
  • Stockings by the fireplace
  • Festive bunting

Pub quiz Christmas food

When it comes to food for a pub quiz, you don’t want anything too fancy. The truth is, your food is not the main event today, as your locals don’t want to be leaning over their meals and scrambling to write their answers before their food goes cold. Snacks and small plates are an ideal best option. You can opt for pub favourites like crisps or chips, go for some mozzarella sticks or even get a bit more festive with pigs in blankets. The main thing is to keep the drinks flowing and have a good laugh, after all, it’s Christmas.

Pub quiz furniture

If you can, it’s a good idea to opt for round tables. These are much more inclusive for a pub quiz as they make it easier for everyone on the team to be able to discuss their answers without declaring them to the entire room.

In light of COVID-19, guests may not feel entirely confident about sitting inside, so it’s important that you do whatever you can to make them feel safe. Distancing your tables apart from others is one of the simplest things you can do. Check out our social distancing range for help with this.

Don’t forget about your outdoor space. Although it’s not convenient to hold your pub quiz outdoors in the middle of winter, it may be an idea to ensure that your outdoor space is kitted out with some heaters and blankets to keep everyone cosy and happy if they don’t want to spend all evening indoors.

Pub furniture for your venue

From barstools to sofas, coffee tables to banquet tables, we provide a wide range of high-quality pub furniture at Trent Furniture. For help finding the perfect furniture for your space, or to chat with one of our friendly team, get in touch on 01162989854 or email us at

Snack bars are the perfect way to serve up light bites, drinks and more from a venue with limited space. Whether you’re adding a snack bar to a university or college venue, a country club or setting up an independent snack bar business then you will need to carefully consider the furniture you invest in. Here’s our advice for making the perfect pick.

Compact dining furniture

Often snack bars become part of an existing space, use a smaller venue, or blend indoor/outdoor dining. Picking compact furniture and placing it thoughtfully is key to making limited space work well.


If you can incorporate a bar style area for patrons to sit then pairing this with bar stools is ideal as they can be tucked underneath when not in use. We recommend opting for something like Trent Furniture’s Bella Tall Stool as it’s backless (so can be pushed under a bar or table), stackable and easy to wipe clean.

Poseur tables

Also perfect to pair with stools is the poseur table. These tall tables don’t take up much space but provide a great spot to perch and dine. Whilst you may think of traditional wooden bar poseur tables, there are also more modern designs which fit perfectly into a modern snack bar like the Alma Aluminium Poseur Table.

Small tables

Often snack bars don’t need to house large tables suitable for a three-course meal! Instead, smaller tables designed to seat between two and four diners are more than adequate. Pedestal tables can be a great option as they are supported with just one central column and take up minimal room, or you could opt for a stacking table which is easy to move and store.

Outdoor seating options

Snack bars often serve an outdoor audience, working well in locations like beaches or parks. If you’re investing in outdoor furniture for your business, it’s important to consider that outdoor furniture will need to face the UK’s unpredictable weather, offer comfort for patrons, and be easily moved and put away.

Aluminium furniture is a classic option which is sturdy, affordable and made to be used outdoors. Alternatively, tables with an Isotop are perfect for outdoor use and provide a holiday snack bar feeling. Trent Furniture’s Vienna Table is a great choice and comes in a range of styles, colours and sizes.

Quick to clean furniture pieces

Snack bars are all about offering quick and convenient food and beverages. With that in mind you may experience a high customer turnover throughout the day so picking furniture which is easy to keep clean and maintain can make life a little easier during the lunch rush!

Choosing materials like faux leather, laminated wood or aluminium is a wise choice as they can be wiped down easily. If it fits the theme of your snack bar, American style diner furniture is ideal thanks to its simple designs and use of vinyl which both keep the cleaning process quick and simple.

Snack bar furniture from Trent Furniture

Trent Furniture offers a wide range of cafe and bistro furniture which is perfect for snack bars. If you have any questions, you can also contact us here.

1.   Determine your goal or cause

Usually, a gala dinner event is held to raise money for a charity, reward employees or as a celebratory ceremony. If you are holding a gala to raise money, then determining the charity you are supporting and how much you are aiming to raise is a great starting point.

2.  Set a budget

With your cause and goals in mind setting a budget is the next step. You should also examine costs at this step, considering things like:

Venue rental
Gala furniture
Food and drinks
Equipment and decor
Entertainment and speaker fees

3.  Choose a date

Setting the date of your event as early as possible is a sensible move as it allows you to begin making bookings for venues, staff and so on, with confidence. Having a date will also allow you to start promoting your event as soon as possible.

4.  Find a venue

This step may be intertwined with choosing a date for your event as you may want to find out when your ideal venues have availability first. When it comes to choosing a venue, you need to consider not only the more obvious factors like size and location, but also the smaller details. For example, can you serve alcohol at the venue and does it have the catering facilities required?

5.  Arrange sponsorships and speakers

Sponsorships are an important part of planning a gala. Reaching out to relevant and local businesses to sponsor your event can help you build seed money, obtain items or services needed for the event for free or at a reduced cost and begin spreading the word about the gala.

6.  Hire caterers, entertainers, and other staff

One of the most important parts of a gala dinner is of course the meal itself! Finding a reputable catering company is the first step but you should also consider if you will need to hire any additional staff for the event. You may also want to think about entertainment at this stage, for example a band or DJ.

7.   Promote and sell tickets for your gala

The goal of a charity gala is to sell tickets and raise money for your cause. This is where promoting your event and using marketing comes in. Try and use a range of marketing channels to reach potential guests, including:

An event website or landing page
Direct mail
Print ads in local publications
Social media

8.  Pick the perfect gala furniture and decor

Many venues will already have furniture available, otherwise you may want to invest in some gala furniture for the event. When it comes to selecting gala dinner tables, round banquet tables are a popular choice as they allow guests to chat and dine around a central point. Pair your tables with stacking chairs for a comfortable option which is both easy to move and store.

Trent Furniture offers a wide range of affordable, high quality event furniture. You can also contact us here if you have any questions about our gala furniture.

As we head into the autumn, you may be thinking it is a little early to be planning for Christmas at your pub. However, as most landlords know, early preparation is vital when it comes to December’s festive period. If your pub is planning to serve Christmas dinners, it is crucial to get your space ready and ensure you have ample good-quality Christmas furniture. Whether your pub contains a function room for private parties, a busy bar area, or a bustling outdoor space, your guests will expect comfort, style and functionality from your tables, chairs, and stools. As experts in quality contract furniture, we are here to help give landlords some helpful tips to getting your pub Christmas dinner ready this year.

Consider flexibility

In December, a big consideration for landlords is the increased volume of guests that are to be expected. Friends and family love to gather together at Christmas, meaning your pub will likely be working at full capacity. Whilst any pub owner would hope their guests book ahead of time, there’s a good chance you’ll experience many walk-in customers turning up and hoping to be seated. With this in mind, your furniture needs to be able to accommodate this.

Furniture that can easily be stacked, such as our Paris Outdoor Table is a great option for the busy festive season. Tables such as this can be kept safely in your pub’s storeroom ready to be brought out when needed, meaning you won’t have to turn any guests away. With your guests getting into the festive spirit, you may also want to be able to quickly and easily clear space in your pub for a dance floor. Tables that can be easily manoeuvred, such as our versatile Round Shaker Table, are therefore a worthwhile consideration.

Prioritise comfort

For guests, having a traditional Christmas dinner cooked for them takes a lot of stress out of the festive season. As a landlord, you want to ensure that your guests can simply sit back, relax, and take in the festive atmosphere. It is important to ensure that your pub furniture is both comfortable and stylish, to create a relaxed and cosy feel. Chairs such as our Abbruzzo Mink Chair are an excellent option, offering extra comfort while guests are eating thanks to its upholstered seat. Remember that you will also be serving guests who may want to simply pop in and sit down with a festive drink. With this in mind, our Chesterfield Two Seater Sofa offers a comforting, pleasant seat for guests to enjoy casual drinks with their friends and colleagues.


While your pub is serving Christmas dinners this season, it is crucial to invest in practical furniture that is quick and easy for your staff to wipe clean. Our Rectangular Tudor Oak Table is the perfect choice with its traditional design and easy-wipe veneer or solid top. For a lighter wood option, our Black Pyramid table is another practical choice with a durable steel finish and laminate top.

Making use of outdoor space

In light of COVID-19, guests may still only be comfortable having dinner or drinks outside this Christmas. Ensure that your outdoor space has ample furniture that can be used if necessary; consider mixing a range of outdoor tables, stools and chairs in your space to mimic the same cosy feel outside your pub as well as inside. For guests who still wish to social distance, consider our range of social distancing furniture designed with this in mind. And for those chilly December nights, think about investing in some heaters and blankets to keep everyone cosy.

From barstools to sofas, coffee tables to banquet tables, we provide a wide range of high-quality pub furniture at Trent Furniture. For help finding the perfect furniture for your space, or to chat with one of our friendly team, get in touch on 01162989854 or email us at 

The furniture you choose for your clubhouse is the key to creating a comfortable, versatile and welcoming hub that people will look forward to spending time in after playing sports, attending meetings or at social events in the evening. This expert guide will help you find the very best clubhouse furniture for your club's requirements.

So how do you get the furniture right? The first thing to do is consider what your clubhouse will be used for. Popular uses include:

  • Informal relaxation after enjoying club activities
  • The serving of food and drink to members
  • AGMs and other club meetings
  • Prize-giving and presentations
  • Club social events
  • Private hire for non-member events

As many clubhouses are used for all of the above purposes and more, timeless style and versatility are two of the most important considerations when choosing club furniture that will enable you to make the most of your space, whatever event you are hosting.

Comfortable club seating for every occasion

If, like most clubs, your furniture layout needs to be adjusted to accommodate different events and occasions, it needs to be lightweight, stackable and able to withstand the demands of being regularly moved around. Stackable chairs are the perfect space-saving solution for every conceivable need. Our Oxford Steel Stacking Chair, Balmoral Stacking Chair and Ascot Stacking Chair are just three of the highly popular, durable and cost-effective options for clubhouse seating we supply.  

What makes a good table for clubs?

From casual post-match drinks to formal dinners, your clubhouse tables need to cater for a large variety of occasions. From the Square Stacking Table, which is perfect for small groups to enjoy a drink, to the Banqueting Folding Table, which is available in sizes to seat up to 12 people, Trent Furniture has an option that will meet your requirements and store away neatly when you need more floor space. Or for even greater versatility, why not opt for an Alma Aluminium Table? Available in square and round options, this table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events at your club.

How to choose the colour of your club furniture

When choosing upholstery for your clubhouse’s furniture, why not consider incorporating your club’s colours into your theme. Upholstered furniture often comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, meaning your décor can represent your organisation perfectly.

Clubhouse furniture

The best clubhouse furniture has both quality and durability

As everyone who has ever completed a risk assessment for holding an event in a clubhouse knows, fire and safety standards are of paramount importance when choosing furniture for members and the public to use. It’s essential to source quality furniture which is certified to British standards. It’s also important to ensure that all furniture is contract grade and built to withstand many years of use by people who may not treat it with quite the same respect as they do their own furniture.

Although great quality and attractive clubhouse furniture needn’t be expensive, it’s an important area to get right. This is particularly true if, like many clubs, you rely on private hire by individuals and other organisations for revenue. Not only will your premises be more popular if you can offer comfortable furniture in a variety of layouts, you will also be able to charge more than venues with less appealing furnishings!

To find out more about Trent Furniture’s wide selection of clubhouse furniture, please click below to get in touch today and one of our team will be very happy to help.

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